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    red8316 Guest
    Tested "Hazar's 7 Activator" and works on my system via Virtual PC 2007. Going to test on laptop and desktop soon. Here is the guide I followed ...

    "*For the people who have the System Reserved Partition*

    1. Run diskmgmt.msc
    2. Assign the System Reserved Partition a drive letter ( R: )
    3. Copy the Hazar Loader to the R: drive.
    4. Run it as Administrator.
    5. Wait abit.
    6. Watch the CMD console do its thing.
    7. Reboot.
    8. Remove the drive letter on the System Reserved to hide it again."

    *To check Activation*

    goto to start, type in cmd
    then type slmgr -dlv for license info
    or slmgr -xpr for expiry info only

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    Jelf Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by JeffJ View Post
    Jelf, turn off UAC to get rid of that popup.
    Already have JeffJ.. Was one of the first things I did. I was just explaining that it had changed.

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    Chivafighter Guest


    I can Confirm that Windows 7 works. activated and perfectly working great. Heres a screen shot i made.

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    urbanracer34 Guest
    I can also confirm that Hazer's hack worked for me on an Apple MacBook Pro and iMac.

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    maxpwer222 Guest
    I have installed and activated Win 7 on my desktop. The installation went super smooth. I deleted my old XP SP2 partition and started a fresh install. You have the option of it making the "old.windows" folder for your OS, but I didn't really need it. After that the installation went super smooth, 30 minutes later it was up and running.Also, I did not have to install ANY drivers which was really nice.

    The activation took a bit longer. I have a Asus mobo and it was being finicky. Non of the options the loader was giving were working "none slic option1", "non slic option 2", and "slic present". I ended up modding the newest version of my bios and adding the SLIC 2.1 for Dell into my mobo so that it would activate. I could not find the Asus Slic 2.1. Once, I upgraded tho the activation worked straight away and its all good.

    Windows 7 is a pretty nice piece of software. The jump from XP to 7 is pretty nice. The only issue is getting used to it, which took no time at all. When you hear someone say "it is what Vista should have been" they were right. I did have one issue, my 500gig SATA hdd wasn't being recognized. This was easily fixed, I guess it was not given a drive letter thats all.

    Here is the Asus bios fix guide: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/showthread.php?t=6921

    I am not that much of a computer guy, so if I said anything weird sorry.

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    Starlight Guest

    Thumbs Up

    I have been using windows 7 for a while now and i must say it does work quite nice and no drivers were needed on install of this OS, as it seem to have them all except my wireless TP Link stuff which is understandable but was easy to install and get online with wireless in short order.

    Much better than vista was as that just robbed resources and stuff was not compatible etc, i already got the flip 3D window enabled in windows 7 were you see the windows flip by like vista did as it is not set up as default in windows 7, would recommend this OS to anyone to try.

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    mmanolos Guest
    Me too. I was testing RC1 for some time, it was very easy to install in a second drive, it automatically creates a boot manager to access the old XP system, and all was running ok in no time. The only drive I had to get was a new Realtek audio driver for the onboard sound, but only because the one that W7 installs couldn't be set up to use the rear speakers.

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    maxpwer222 Guest
    It seems that the leaked OEM key is already blacklisted by Microsoft. They said they will not use that OEM key for any retail version of Windows 7. This basically means if you want to update to Windows 7 SP1, you are going to get a message saying you are not using an authentic Microsoft product. This really should not be an issue because by the time SP1 comes out there will be a bunch more OEM's floating around the internet.

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    pinpin Guest

    7 and XP

    It's possible to make a dual boot from xp and 7 with the LENOVO installation disk ?

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    Starlight Guest
    If you have winxp installed already or install it first, then make a partition to what size you need or if you have another hdd in your pc you can install windows 7 to it, by installing winxp first and then making this partition or using another internal hdd when you install windows 7 it will make a boot loader screen for you automatically and after win7 install you will see a boot loader screen when you start your pc and you choose which OS you want to load.

    Done it this way so many times myself but it works great, and if you ever need that boot loader screen gone after if you happen to un-install win7 as the loader screen stays there, but i have a command to use in the run window to get rid of that screen if you need it down the road just post.

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