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    Starlight Guest

    Will Hideo Kojima Sacrifice Quality for Multiplatform?

    So we all know that Hideo Kojima will reveal his new project at E3 in June, and we're anxiously anticipating the unveiling.

    However, it seems to be a commonly accepted theory that this new title will be made for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

    Historically, Kojima has always sided with Sony's brand but he has admitted that he'd like to see his studio appeal more to the Western masses, and considering that, it would make sense to include the 360 in their future plans.

    But as we've said before that if a developer wishes to focus entirely on the PS3, they can make better strides (just look at the current and future PS3 exclusives), we have a question: if Kojima does a multiplatform game, will it fall short of the quality we saw in MGS4? Would he even allow that to happen?

    We're banking on the fact that Kojima is both a master and a perfectionist, so we seriously doubt that he'd give us a lackluster production simply for the sake of appealing to more gamers on the 360. But at the same time, he has also said he never wanted to put any MGS installment on a Microsoft console, and some sources have claimed that MGS4 wouldn't even be possible on the 360 (perhaps due to the difficult Blu-Ray to DVD conversion).

    Now, we're not concluding anything one way or the other; we're merely asking the question. Even Kojima may have to make exceptions if he wants to include the 360 in his new vision, and those "exceptions" may translate to cutbacks of some kind.

    Because if there's one thing he doesn't want to do, it's produce a multiplatform game that's significantly better on the PS3; that'll just annoy the new audience you're attempting to reach. Therefore, if we assume both versions would have to be identical, could it be as good if he stuck with the PS3?

    For my part, I just refuse to believe that Kojima would "gimp" anything. But he may be willing to adjust his efforts in order to accommodate the 360; that's the possibility that concerns me.

    I don't mind catering to a larger group and I don't mind that 360 owners would get to partake of Kojima's genius, but there's one thing I do know: the best PS3 exclusives typically outstrip the best third-party multiplatform titles, and there's a reason for that.

    But regardless and for the record, I have complete faith in this guy and even if it is multiplatform, I have no doubt that it'll rock. Just tossing this out there.

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    otarumx Guest
    If Kojima wants a massive game like MGS 4 with lots of cutscenes and so graphically rich I don't think he will jump to the 360, the sacrifices would have to be too many for it to work.

    The fact that he wants to appeal to Western audiences doesn't necesarily mean that he will make his game multiplatform, after all the European audiences seem ok with the PS3 and they are part of those western audiences he refers to, it just means that the game will have a western game influence and it could even be a NDS or PSP game.

    If he were to make a multi console game it would have to be more low key and rely on story rather than graphics and in that case the obvious choice would have to be for Wii and NDS or a PSN/Live downloadable game for the quality not to suffer between each console.

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    y2kkingboy Guest
    Xbox 360 is really no place for Hideo. i mean really how many people who has got the 360 wants metal gear so bad. if they did they would have bought PS1 and PS2 to play all the installments, which would automatically mean as usual they would get PS3 and play MGS4.

    so to me it does not make any sense to go there. and i don't want to be a bigot but i think if he made a mistake in quality or something that shows a difference between the next installment and MGS4 he well lose some rep.

    although in the end i have to say, this guy is not normal in what he does so i think he'll manage it just fine.

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    saviour07 Guest
    I think what a lot of people forget about hideo kojima is that, while he will always be mentioned in the same breath as mgs, he is also a games developer of other titles!

    he is capable of producing a game which has no relation to mgs whatsoever (ZOE, policenaughts, boktai) and could create a quality title for other consoles that was completely mgs unrelated if he wished to something like that im sure would be welcomed by some fans, maybe not all, and creating a game that appeals or takes influence from the western commerce which isnt metal gear would be a better move by hideo kojima than multi platforming and changing the core principles of such a major title.

    By developing for another console it doesnt necessarilly mean that hideo kojima would take his major title with him - he is full of ideas, but is just best known for mgs.

    just something to consider while debating whether or not he should go multi platform.

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    dustinmyles Guest
    I personally do not believe that MGS4 would EVER come out on the 360. In fact, if you remember, there's a line/JOKE in MGS4 whereby Otacon even makes a comment about having to take out the disc and insert disc 2, and remembers: "Oh yeah, I forgot we're on Bluray now!" Even if the 360 was capable of even rendering the actual title, there would be TOO MANY discs to be swapped just to even achieve such a feat!

    Now for future titles, I understand what the guy before me is saying when he references the fact that Kojima has made games OTHER that the MGS series... the announcement he made that I believe we're ALL waiting to hear was SPECIFICALLY for and about the next MGS title; and personally I HOPE TO GOD that you do get to play as Raiden....YEAH!!

    On that note, I haven't downloaded the latest SCENE multiplayer pack (only because I'm waiting with money in my ONLINE "WALLET" for them to make it purchasable with the PSN cards!), and as such I am unaware as to the fun-factor when it comes to the new playable characters of RAIDEN and VAMP... but I'm SURE that it is BEYOND bad ass, and even though it goes without saying: I CANNOT wait to have the chance to!!

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