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    cfwprophet Guest

    WiiRecipe v0.3 Beta 1 Released

    Calthephenom has released WiiRecipe v0.3 Beta1 a simple game that prints recipes to the screen when you press buttons. Currently it only supports burritos, by pressing down on the wiimote.

    What's new?

    * Added Support For Graphics Thanks To The Wii Game Studio

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    jamiepaz Guest

    no point

    No point downloading these will loaders because they mess up your wii and sometimes not all of them work, easiest way is to buy a chip if you ask me.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    You even dont have read the post!
    This is a Hombrew game to use with the hombrew channel.

    Beside that it is for sure REAL better to buy a modchip for 20-50€ before using software wich you can get for free.
    And after that all good modchips to time also using software hacks.

    The Argon with the same named argon channel.Or the new SD booting Modchip.The sd loading would also first be covered from the software hacks and then this team copyed the idee to make a modchip of it.In case they use the new way via the flat cabels they also can inject a hombrewed main.dol wich than will be executed from the Wii to load your games from sd.Or simply they also use a channel on the Wii to manage this.I dono know the exect process this chip works.

    But also a fact will be that if you run into a brick douring official update you will not be able to start hb apps without a cIOS on your sys in case that No Modchip altere the RAM of your Wii and you cant load modded/hacked discs without a sys-cIOS even not with a modchip!!!

    You only talking BS and have no clue whats the diff between a "Drive Chip" and a "CFW".But i know that you think that there for you have payed money for your DriveChip it must be better than a CFW.

    Your screwed!!

    There are not a lot drive/mod chips out they really have the potential to do some nice things like streaming games from pc as Flatmii it does, or booting games from external FAT/NTFS/WBFS/EXT,ect., HDD´s like the WODE it can.

    Its no modchip out there what let you UNBRICK your Wii as a Feature, or let you play Hombrew games, or let you DUMP/Flash your Wii´s NAND (if you can understand how importend this will be), and a lot other nice things are missing with a modchip.

    Modchips are out and Software hacks are in.New generation Modchips like the WODE,Flatmii or Infectus are excluded

    The software is more for advanced users and every noob like you, that post a anti loader message in a thread from a hombrew game that displayes you recipes to cook, will get a bricked wii

    -PEACE- Staff

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