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    labonte Guest

    WiiNand 0.1 Released

    Ac_k just put online a small PC application that will please most of you.
    Indeed, this program is to open a nand made by BootMii.

    Version 0.1
    - Extracting key KEYS.BIN at all
    - Extraction of the HMAC in nand-hmac.bin
    - Extraction of the AES key in nand-key.bin
    - Extraction of the common-key
    - Extract the File System as possible, but only files
    - Reading the SHA-1 boot1
    - Play Console ID
    - Reading of the Private Key NG
    - Reading of the RNG Key
    - Reading of NG ID
    - Conversion into raw dump
    - Convert the dump for use with a Infectus

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    labonte Guest

    WiiNand 0.2 Released

    Version 0.2
    - Added support for raw-nand and nand-cut
    - Added the opening of the nand-key.bin KEYS.BIN at all or to open a nand-nand-cut or raw
    - Added version detection of boot1 (only dump BootMii yet)
    - Extraction of boot1

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