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    cfwprophet Guest

    Wii System Channels Updater (WiiSCU) v0.1 for HB FW 4.0 out!

    Wack0 released the homebrew app WiiSCU which will update your Wii's system channels. Its based on tona's shop+IOS51 updater, or better said, he continued his work and added some IOS and system channels to it.

    Download: Wii System Channels Updater (WiiSCU) v0.1

    But here is the quote from the readme:

    WiiSCU uses PatchMii to update the following to the latest versions:

    - IOS16
    - IOS38
    - IOS51
    - IOS60
    - IOS61
    - News Channel
    - Weather Channel
    - Mii Channel
    - Photo Channel (v1.1)
    - Shop Channel

    In the source code I quoted that it'd detect the WiiSpeak Channel
    and if found update that, but i didnt implement it. Maybe in v0.2 ? :)

    It doesn't have much of an interface, and you have to hit no through
    lots of stuff if you just want to update, say, the Photo Channel.
    Hopefully a menu will come in v0.2, but I'd need help with that :)

    This is my first release. :) I don't know much C# and still don't, so I modified IOS51+shop. (Well, I modified IOS61+shop, but that was based upon IOS51+shop) So most of the work was done by tona and teamtwiizers. But everyone has to start somewhere ;)

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    overwriter Guest

    What is that device?

    I am not sure of what is that equipment attached to the Nintendo Wii. Can you explain what it is and how it works?


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    cfwprophet Guest
    Its an SoundBlaster.

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    labonte Guest

    Wii System Channels Updater 0.21

    Wack0 has released a update for Wii System Channels Updater wiiscu this has been out for about a month now sorry i must of missed it better late then never right well enjoy.



    ~ Added code for debug purposes.
    ~ No more 'epic fail' -- now it shows what patchmii returns.
    ~ IOS51 and Photo Channel 1.0 support removed.
    ~ Added an option to exit to the Homebrew Channel.
    ~ News/weather channel now installs HAFx/HAGx as well as
    HAFA/HAGA (using gamedisc region).
    ~ Added sysconf.c to determine region to install news/weather
    ~ Tidied up code a bit.

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    JeffJ Guest
    Word of caution though. If your on system 4.0 be careful with IOS60, id recommended installing bootmii in case you need to boot to the HBC to re-patch IOS60 if your system menu appears corrupt on reboot. You can use preloader via HBC to patch IOS60 again if you get a corrupt menu.

    this will recover you from a brick. you will not be able to get to the system menu if this happens.

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