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    cfwprophet Guest

    Big Grin The Wii SD/USB Loader Thread!

    I found two new USB Loader MODīs on the web which i want to share with you guys.The main program the USB Loader v1.1.dol will be only for one program untouched.The other one have a few changes like child safe and so on but give look for your self.

    Unofficial USB Loader 1.1s (Mod v1.01)

    Sorg has released two new unofficial versions of Waninkoko's USB Loader. The Loader now displays 21 games at a time, doesn't auto switch TV display modes, sorting modifications and a "kid safe" version.

    What's New?

    * shows list of 21 entries instead 6.
    * more adequate navigating by left and right keys.
    * Doesn't attempt to switch TV mode before load game (uses default TV mode instead). Original loader tries to switch TV mode according to game region which makes PAL games unplayable on TV not supporting PAL modes (NTSC-U/J Wii) and NTSC games on TV not supporting NTSC modes (PAL Wii). Now i can play Mario Kart PAL and Wii Chess PAL on my NTSC-U Wii!
    * added simple version of loader without adding/deleting games and format drive. Useful for children/some people.
    * Sorting now is case insensitive.

    Archive includes:

    1) source code with my modifications
    2) folder to use in Homebrew Channel (full and simple)
    3) Channel version of this loader in WAD format (full and simple).

    Mario Themed USB Loader

    Chickenwing has released a new version of Waninkoko's USB Loader which features a new background image (that's all). If you'd like a Mario Themed one you can download it using the link below.

    -Have Fun-

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the update cfwprophet! I also ran across this, so attached it for anyone interested.

    This is a little app that installs a Wii Channel & automatically loads waninkoko's USB Loader from sd.

    1. Install this WAD (using WAD-Manager)
    2. Place Waninkoko' USB Loader's boot.dol in the folder "/apps/USBLoader" on the sd root
    (so you don't need to upgrade the Channel when Waninkoko updates his cool loader!)
    3. Put your SD card back into the Wii and launch the installed channel.
    - it will load USB Loader

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    cfwprophet Guest
    He-Ho guys!Have 5 new USB Loader Theme MODs for you.Only Theme MODs but some nice one

    -Have Fun-

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    labonte Guest

    Unofficial USB Loader 3.0 (v1.1) Released

    It seems a new version of Waninkoko's USB Loader has been released which encompasses a lot of new features including cheat code support along with a lot of other stuff.

    Fixes by Narolez [V1]:

    - SD-Patch for Ocarina, Background and Boxart added
    - Size for Image-Path fixed
    - Dump on Reboot/Shutdown fixed
    - Fixed the bug where long title creates another empty line
    - Fixed Gamelist flashing on UP/DOWN
    - B-Button Page-Scroll fixed
    - 15 Entries per Page
    - New Backgrounds included. Just rename to bg.png
    - Source included

    Fixes by Narolez [V2]:

    - OCARINA-Support fixed (Thanks to fishears)
    - No-Code-Dump Forwarder Channels included (orange/blue)

    Fixes by Narolez [V3]:

    - OCARINA-Support fixed.

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    DrF Guest

    How do you use these new images with usbloader 1.1?


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    cfwprophet Guest
    If they will be a channel just get new .dol and copy old channel to one place and use the tool "WAD Channels Updater" to easely update a channel.Dont know if i have post it here.But search for it.If you cant find i will post it for you

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    labonte Guest

    SD/USB Loader v1.2

    Waninkoko has released a new version of his USB Loader which now supports loading your legal backups from a SD/SDHC card. So, all of the people who have created modified loaders from Waninkoko's original source might want to add the SDHC support to their builds. Until then, you can run this as a seperate application if you're interested in running backups from your SD card. Note, that it requires the installation of Waninkoko's new cIOS36 rev10

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    spark32 Guest
    Now we need this in a channel. Then someone can test it out on an NTSC U console to make sure that it doesn't cause any banner bricks.

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    cfwprophet Guest

    To bad for the Wii. For me this will be the Head Shot for this console. freaking WANINKOKO
    Such a big maroon unbelivable.This idiot of a coder released in time of half year Backup Loader, GC Loader, USB Loader, SD Loader.Is this guy insane?

    Now its time for me to leaf the Wii scene allone. I will release CFW 4.0 when all is ready and cIOS-CORE Bug Fixed and i also will write down the 2-3 programs i want to write maybe add DL support to cIOS-CORE and than guys have fun with a ruined console

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    I see v1.3 is also out... attached below.

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