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    Xcali1985 Guest

    Red Face Wii Noob - BootMii help

    Hi, ive tried to research a lot, ive used Youtube, wiibrew, etc. and I cant seen to figure out what all i need to load isos on my wii.

    I have installed the lastest version of Bannerbomb for the 4.2 and have installed the Homebrew Channel along with DVDx.

    Ive also put Homebrew Browser onto my SD card and everything seems to be working ok.

    I don't understand BootMii I installed it as IOS and it created a listing within the Homebrew menu, however, i understand it dosent have a bluetooth mapping and i need a NDS controller to navigate that.

    So here are my questions:

    1. Am I on the right track?
    2. What else do I need?
    3. Where can I get the extra programs?

    I am not a noob to the entire scene however, im new to the Wii. I have a PS2 that is modded, along with a PSP. The Wii is my first of the latest round of consoles. Any help will be appreciated as im sort of lost to all this right now.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Hi and welcome

    BootMii: This is an app with the abbility to boot into HBC, make and flash NAND dumps.So it hase nothing to do with playing games and such things.I recomment to you to make a NAND dump first before installing any additional files.

    Then you do not need a GC pad to navigate.You can also do this with the power and the reset button.The power button let you jump one to the right and the reset wil let you enter the marked option.

    So yes your on the right way.
    Grab one of my Hack-Packs and do the tut.Jump over the steps you allready have done.
    You can get the needed files and all importend and real great apps here by us at ps4news.com

    I will appload the new simply Offline Hack-Pack to day but first i have to upload the new Rescue discs.

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    Xcali1985 Guest
    Maybe im overlooking it but the only thing i can find on this site is Ps3 downloads.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Hehehe... NO the PS3 Download section are for PS3 downloads

    You will find all the Wii and x360 apps/downloads in the correspondent threads.
    Eg. the thread "BootMii released" will contain a download for BootMii and so on..

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