E3 is getting closer and closer. And as much as most people want it to die, I really hope it stays alive. To me, E3 was the place and time where it would be megatons after megatons of gaming announcements, and nothing could be more nostalgic than constant announcements from your favorite gaming company.

There are only so many things that Nintendo could announce at this coming E3 that would really help out Wii. Here is Wii Live's Top 5 Things Nintendo should announce at E3. Sorry for the long title.

5. More channels that are actually useful.

Nintendo finally released the Nintendo Channel in the US, which is actually a pretty useful channel. But why just have one? The Wii could really use some extra features, and although it has things like the Weather Channel, the News Channel, and the Check Mii Out channel, how many people actually use those? I mean, I would use the weather channel if it updated more often and if it had the city I live in, which the closest city it has is 30 minutes away from me.

You may have already read Wii Live's Top 5 Channel Idea's. And if you haven't, there is a nice link for you. Just go ahead and pick one any one of those channels. I would pick the Demo Channel. Who knows, maybe even the long awaited Music Channel will get a launch date!

4. Voice chat

This is flat out long over-due if you are going to have online gaming. It is predicted that we will soon get some form of voice chat, and NoA President Reggie Fils-Amie has already basically confirmed it. If you are going to play games online like Medal of Honor Heroes 2, or Battalion Wars 2, then you need voice chat. Nintendo, you have parental controls, so if you don't want the kiddies being cursed out online it's up to the parents to use them.

3. Quality games

There are just too many trash cash games for Wii, which I know are mostly from third parties. But, if Nintendo is going to allow this crap on their console then it's up to them to provide quality games. I know there are some good third party offerings just announced but there needs to be more in order to overcome these crap games.

We already know some games that are pretty much definitely going to be revealed at E3. Kid Icarus, also known as Nintendo and Factor 5's worst kept secret. Pikmin 3 will likely be announced, and I can only hope we will hear news on Disaster: Day of Crisis, and hopefully Project H.A.M.M.E.R. will be revived.

2. A Hard Drive

Ah-ha! Thought this would be number one huh? I know that would be just way to obvious. And what good is a list if you already know what number one is? Back to the topic. This is the one piece of hardware that is just way past due.

And to be honest, I always did want a HDD for Wii, but I never really had any storage problems because I didn't download too many VC games so I didn't really want one as much as everyone else did. Then WiiWare launched last week and boom, I'm already almost out of space. Now that WiiWare has launched it is almost guaranteed that Nintendo will announced a hard drive at this year's E3.

1. A complete online service re-vamp.

I will be honest. I just flat out hate friend codes. It really does bring out the worst in Nintendo's online service. Just having a friend code makes me feel completely restricted with online gaming on the Wii. I'm hoping that Nintendo's new Pay to Play service will be more then just DLC, but if it's not then I can only hope for a complete re-do for Nintendo WiFi Connection.

There are games that have been stepping it up, like Mario Kart Wii, and Blast Works. But seriously, just get rid of friend codes. I could even deal with having the Wii console code, as long as it goes for all games. I can think of plenty of ways Nintendo could improve it's online service, but I will save that for another article.

There you have it. E3 is coming soon, and I can only hope most of these announcements become a reality. But I guess we'll just have to wait another 2 months to find out. Be sure to give me feedback about this article in the comments section. Don't agree with the list? Post your Top 5 list in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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