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    Starlight Guest

    The Wii Keyboard: Just exactly what the Name Suggests

    Next time you sit down to write your Great American Novel, perhaps you should consider tapping the opus out on your Wii with Logic 3's weird and somewhat awful - though excellently named - Wii Keyboard.

    There's not much meat on these bones - it's simply an add-on for Nintendo's console that allows you to type on a QWERTY pad rather than light-sabering all over your apartment to name your new Mii "Death Bringer."

    The keyboard is due out July 18th (in the UK at least), and will nab a tidy £14.99 (or about $30).

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    idone Guest
    that thing looks tiny.

    Seems like the keypad on my old blackberry phone, i hated typing with just my thumbs but it was bareable on a phone, i dont think id buy it if it is as small as the pic makes me think it is.

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    sinead Guest
    will the wii keyboard be able to be used with any wii games which are already out?

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