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    Apr 2005

    Thumbs Up Wii Homebrew Launcher released!

    hell_hibou has released a new homebrew loader for the Nintendo Wii. Named the Wii Homebrew Launcher, this application will allow you to select and load multiple ELF (Nintendo Wii Homebrew) files from the front SD Card slot in your Nintendo Wii.

    This Loader takes an unique approach at loading as it allows you to create custom names for each homebrew title.
    Wii Homebrew Launcher is an interface similar to that of the Wii to launch since the Homebrew 'Front-SD'. Each Homebrew is represented as a string customizable.

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    IanJ Guest
    Not sure if how this works. Not had a chance to play with it yet. I've run the read me through a translator below....

    Wii Homebrew Launcher is a similar interface has that of Wii making it possible to launch of Homebrew since the ' Face-SD'. Each Homerew east represents in the form of chain personnalisable. Installation

    - Copy the file boot.elf from a chart SD.
    - Create a file homebrew has the root of the SD.

    For each Homebrew:

    - Create under file in the file Homebrew (8 characters max)
    - To copy the Elf file in this repertory and to re-elect it the boot.elf
    - [ Optional ] to give a name to the hombrew, creer a file title.txt, publish it and enter the name which you want.
    - [ Optional ] to give a specific icon, create an image of 132x95 pixels to the format bmp 24 bits. Name the title.bmp and to copy it in the repertory of the homebrew. Use Navigation is done using a GameCube lever.
    - UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT: To select Homebrew
    - a: To launch selected Homebrew
    - R/L: To change page (if + of 11 Homebrew)

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.3

    A new version of Wii Homebrew Launcher is available.
    The innovations are as follows:

    The graphics have been re-handled by Cladil
    The light blue Wii turns in access to the SD card
    Suppresstion the string "Restart SD loader"
    The font size was reduced to view the names of chains longer
    Adding to display mode RGB 60Hz (beta)
    Adding a configuration file to set the display settings manually
    Ability to customize the interface
    Creating a menu accessible by the START key enabling:

    -- Back to the menu Wii
    -- Turn off the Wii
    -- Restarting the loader

    A version using the Wiimote is currently under development. However, a major bug making homebrew useless pushed me to put this version (without wiimote) online. Indeed after the initialization of the Wiimote, using Front-SD becomes unstable.

    A new version with support of the wiimote will be put online as soon as the problem will be resolved. I do not know any time combine long it will take me (no need, therefore let me ask).

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    Apr 2005

    Cool Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.4 - with WiiMoteSupport released!

    Changelog, translated from French to English:
    Wii Homebrew Launcher

    Version 0.4

    -- Added support of the Wiimote
    -- It is no longer possible to remove the SD card

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    Apr 2005

    Cool Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.5

    From hell_hibou, this tool will allow you to select and load multiple ELF files from the front SD Card slot in your Nintendo Wii. The graphical style mimics the Wii channel view. Optional Channel version included.

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    Apr 2005

    Big Grin Wii Homebrew Launcher 0.6

    Hell_Hibou has released a new version of his homebrew launcher for the Nintendo Wii. He's fixed some memory bugs from his previous release. One could use this as an alternative to the Homebrew Channel.

    Following various bug appeared in version 0.5, I just put online version 0.6 of Wii Homebrew Launcher. The problems encountered in version 0.5 is due to mismanagement of memory, I implement a memory manager to manage and use the memory MEM2 of the Wii, leaving a maximum of conventional memory to load homebrew.

    In addition, the library LIBOGC was last for days and benefit from the rapid initialization of the wiimote (more pressing need (1) + (2)).

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    Apr 2005

    Wink Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.11 released

    Hell Hibou has updated Wii Homebrew Launcher to v0.11:
    Wii Homebrew Launcher is an interface similar to that of the Wii menu. It allows you to start homebrew stored on your SD card in the Wii front SD slot. Each program is represented by its own customizable "channel".

    What's New?

    - Use the Power button works properly.
    - Fix a bug in the string 'Wii Channels' in
    using a theme.
    - Other changes images of the main theme by Cashman.
    - Added display of error messages.
    - Added parameter ColorMessageBox to define the text color
    error messages.
    - Added file MsgBox.png / bmp and Dir.png / bmp in the themes.
    - Add variables Press, InvalidExe, ReceptInProgress, ConnexionError
    nofilesfound and in the translation file (LANG.INI).
    - Add support for wiiload (DOL send a file or ELF TCP / IP).
    - The opportunity to extinguish Wii with the power button of the Wiimote.
    - Fix a bug displaying several times when certain channels
    we move to the next screen.
    - Trie chains Wii (Wiiwaire strings and VC appear first,
    in the next several versions are displayed side by side).
    - Adding a 'Lite mode using the ISO9 and accessible from DVD
    'Autoboot', certain functions are disabled in this mode.
    - Acceleration readings from SD cards.
    - Improving access time of the DVD by using buffers.
    - The use of USB-flash works.
    - Other changes in the management of front-SD, SD-gecko and USB-flash.
    - Ability to sub-folders to sort the homebrew and
    Roma (max. 8 nested subfolders).
    - Ability to assign icons to sub-directories by putting a
    title.png file or title.bmp (132x95 pixels).
    - The Software $ characters appear correctly in chains
    using names of folders and files.
    - Ability to use icons with a dimenssions less 132x95
    and icons' slideshoot 'in the chain Emulators.
    - Some changes in the parametres of passage homberews.
    - No need to press (1) or (Z) to reach the last homebrew
    DVD (it is possible to select a string in the 1st screen even if
    loading is not finished).
    - Various internal changes.

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    Apr 2005

    Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.12

    Hell Hibou has released a new version of Wii Homebrew Launcher.
    Following the 0.11 version of Wii Homebrew Launcher, some problems have emerged including the inability to return to the loader. The case is on the Wii with firmware 3.4 and the problem persisted even after a downgrade. The problem is had to IOS4 used in the version 0.11 and is usable by the homebrew firmware 3.4 (it is not downgrade). The 0.12 rule is therefore small problem and also contains some minor updates:

    - Fixed a bug that prevented from returning to the loader in some cases.
    - Changes in the memory manager.
    - Changes in the choice of IOS used by the loader (IOS16 will be used in some cases).
    - Display used and the IOS version of the loader in the menu.
    - Use the appointment libfat device in the passage of arguments (fat1:, FAT2:, ...). Libfat automatically uses the directory as homebrew default.
    - Add the variable 'version' in the translation file (LANG.INI).

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