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    labonte Guest

    Wii Device Library v1.1

    Wii Device Library is a cross platform C# class library that provides an interface to various Wii related devices, like the Wiimote, Classic Controller, Nunchuk and Balance Board.

    Itís possible to use Wii devices like the Wiimote or Balance Board with your computer. All you need besides one of these devices is some kind of bluetooth device. This could either be a bluetooth dongle or bluetooth built into your pc or laptop.

    When using the Wii Device Library you donít have to worry about all the bluetooth stuff, you can just access your device of choice through a simple and intuitive interface. Also new Wii devices and extensions can be implemented by this interface without recompiling Wii Device Library.

    Another nice feature is the ability to scan for Wii devices through bluetooth and connect to them when they are available. This makes it possible to automatically connect to Wii devices when they are syncing. It uses the libraries of several bluetooth stacks to scan, connect and communicate with the Wii devices. Also this part of the library can be extended with support for more bluetooth stacks and/or operating systems.

    Supported Wii devices

    * Wiimote
    * Nunchuk
    * Classic Controller
    * Guitar
    * Balance Board

    Supported bluetooth stacks

    * Microsoft bluetooth
    * BlueSoleil
    * BlueZ


    * A simple and intuitive programming interface.
    * The ability to scan and connect to Wii devices.
    * Wiimote extension support with a wide range of implemented extensions.
    * Support for multiple stacks.
    * The ability to extend the library to support more Wiimote extensions, devices and stacks.

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    soslj1 Guest


    im new to all this but what can i use my wii stuff for?

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    labonte Guest
    From what it looks like anything you want use your imagination with a pc of course. I haven't looked into this yet but it seams pretty cool use your wii devices on a pc only time will tell what will people come up with.

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    labonte Guest

    Wii Device Library v1.2 Released

    Here is another release of Wii Device Library. This version fixes even more bugs and adds some more stablity. The major changes:

    * Balanceboards are now also supported under Windows.
    * All stacks are more stable (*).
    * Fixed support for Bluez v3.2.1 on x64 machines.
    * Fixed some issues for the Windows and Linux GUIs.

    (*) You can now (un)plug your bluetooth dongle when running without problems.

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