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    Starlight Guest

    What is the Scariest Video Game of This Generation to Date?

    There hasn't really been that many horror games so far this generation, and there have been even less really scary ones.

    Games such as Siren: Blood Curse, Alone in the Dark - Inferno and Jericho were disappointing and Silent Hill: Homecoming continued the series' habit of being mediocre since the first few games, and it's left us with few horror games.

    The few games we're left with are Resident Evil 5, Condemned 2: Bloodshot, FEAR 2, Left 4 Dead and Dead Space.

    To quote: Resident Evil 5 isn't so much a horror game than an action game, now, with revamped controls that stop you from moving whilst aiming in an attempt to artificially ramp up the tension.

    Condemned 2 is a scary game. The emphasis on first person melee fighting makes it relatively unique and the atmosphere making every corner a dreaded turn into what could be anything from an addict with a pipe to some kind of monster that rises out of the ground.

    In Dead Space the necromorphs are horrifying. They're misshappen, ugly figures that do a great job of making you swear and, whilst they move slowly, you can shoot their arms off and they'll keep coming.

    FEAR 2 brought the whole formula back and kept it pretty much the same. This might have been fine, except that the game was somehow less jumpy than the first, despite the fact that it was exactly the same.

    Left 4 Dead is the epitome of terror when it comes to video games. There are hundreds of zombies on the horde, all of which will run at you like children for the ice cream van - if the ice cream van is you and your organs are ice cream.

    The special zombies are all brilliantly designed to scare you in various ways. And so we conclude that Left 4 Dead is the most terrifying, the most blood-curdling and the most awesome horror game you can get so far this generation.

    Feel free to comment below on your own picks!

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    red8316 Guest
    Out of those 4 games, Dead Space has the best scare factor. In Left for dead the zombies may looks good but if we're talking horror I don't think it had it. A lot of it has to do with suspense and not seeing whats coming after your.

    In left for dead, you see tons of zombies and you know there are tons of zombies. That's how it was for me. It got real repetitive real quick. I can't say much for RE5 or Condemned, but I have spent some time with FEAR and it is up there with Dead Space.

    Dead Space, like I said, it had the suspense factor. Get to the ship, no one is there, everything is going wrong, hearing strange noises, lights out, it is the fear of the unknown. It taps into the primal fear of "whats in the dark that I can't see". Throw in some ugly ass alien zombie corpse babies that look inspired by tentacle porn and got some scary stuff happening.

    Just my late night throught, 2am here and just getting off work. Cheers.

    *Oh yeah, AVP from 1999 for the pc was pretty good I thought.

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    y14 Guest

    Resident Evil 5

    Resident Evil 5 has totally been "revamped".. the controls are very tricky and it gets hard to aim from a distance at times, plus everything cost more for example; to run you have to hold X or hold the left analog stick or when you use your weapons with the control pad it gets tricky finding which ones to use and picking them on time but i like this game and its totally awesome !

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    nekraks Guest
    Dead Space was by far the best game in this genre to date, infact i dont think any game has used sound as well as it this generation only Bioshock comes close. Also the fact the necromorphs could use the architecture of the ship to move around, in and out of vents gave and though a lot of it was traditional corridor play it really gave a great sense of chlostrophobia (sp). I really enjoy games where you care about the other characters and in DS I was genuinely quite concerned for their safety

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    mrgreaper Guest
    left for dead was a action game not a horror and dont get me started on running zombies !

    condemed 2 is the winner by miles no other game has made me jump as much..

    you really should add a poll to the first post would be great to see the consense opinion.

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    killah57 Guest
    Resident Evil R.I.P.
    Silent Hill R.I.P.

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    Deitair Guest
    The part in FEAR 2 where you have to go through the school was pretty creepy.

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    JesusFMA Guest
    This is a tough one,

    I played F.E.A.R. 2 and Dead Space, and I couldn't finish the first level of any of these games .... they sure are scary.

    But if I have to say which one is the scariest, I go for F.E.A.R. 2, the ghosts always scared the crap out of me and the light effects and the music (well the music could be better), well, they made impossible to finish them. I reminds me a little the first time I played silent hill on the PS2 hahaha.

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    geschger Guest
    Wait unti it gets dark, put your headphones on and play some FEAR levels...

    Some parts are very frightning and make the game so great.

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    maxximuscool Guest
    for me the silent hill series lol

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