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    Quote Originally Posted by mikewwfman316 View Post
    great now walmart is doing this well i hope that makes it better competition and makes places like gamestop lower there prices. I mean i looked at the site nothing that a great deal i wonder where they getting the games from?
    yea rite GameStop is a bunch of rip offs i hope they go bankrupt then the CEO can suck my left cheek

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    missingNo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by TMSI View Post
    What is not available at Wal-Mart?

    Rx, Some have Doctors, Food, Clothes, New and Used Games,Computers, TV's, Stereos, Camping Equipment, Soccer stuff, Auto stuff, Change you're oil and tires, Garden stuff, Seasonal Stuff, Fishing Stuff, Toy's, Office Supplies, Cosemtics, Bath Stuff, Vitaims, Weight loss, did I leave anything out?

    It appears one day EVERYTHING will be available at Wal-Mart. I am just waiting for the slot machines and black jack tables to be installed.
    Vision and hardware, from what I recall. And don't forget the selection of guns available... and the old days of McDonalds' within the store. Want some fries with that 22-cal?

    I disgress. Anyways:

    I see this as a Good Thing(tm) for the consumer - it'll start to give a bit of a decrease in price in the used games market and a lot more competition between the various gaming shops versus the big box retailer to see who can sell a game the cheapest but still turn mass profits.

    But at the same time I see this as a Bad Thing(tm) for the game companies - as others have stated it does harm game publishers and developers' wallets. Every time that game is 're-sold' all profits go to the person before them (ie the store) and not back to the publishers and hard-working developers that deserve that money.

    So, bad for corporate conglomerates and the developers, good for us.

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