As most everyone on the planet has heard by now, Grand Theft Auto publishers Rockstar made a game called Manhunt 2 that was so gory, they could only get it on store shelves by covering up all the nasty bits. But enterprising hackers have broken into Manhunt 2 and removed the visual filters that covered up all of that nasty stuff.

And luckily for us, they're sharing. We've found a nice, long, completely uncensored version of the video lurking about the interweb's nether regions, so we thought we'd let you see, once and for all, what all the fuss is about.

Check it out: Video can be seen here.

And now, a detailed explanation from the ESRB that this isn't the boxed version of the game, and innocent little Jimmy won't stumble into this content unless he's a freakin' whiz with hacks and cheat devices. In other words parents, if you see this stuff coming from your TV, it's your kid's own fault, not Rockstar's. Enjoy!

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