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    Apr 2005

    Video: XBox 360 Manufacturing Mode Found, 0x81DA07FF Error

    Today sabrax from XBoxHacker.org (linked above) has shared a video demonstrating a way to trigger 'Manufacturing Mode' using a Memory Card on unmodified Microsoft XBox 360 consoles, followed by receiving an 0x81DA07FF error.

    Shortly after, rupal has posted both the extracted XEX & INI file along with a raw dump for examination by other devs.

    Download: Extracted XEX & INI File / Raw Dump

    To quote: "It is happening only when a (specific) memory card is inserted, on 2 different Xbox 360's, it is entering "Set Manufacturing Mode", and after some time is showing this error: 0x81DA07FF.

    Here is video - for a split second there is a blink on 0:20 - 0:21.

    This exact memory unit should be 100% genuine (other MU from the same batch is still working with the latest dashboard).

    Tested offline, tried it also on a unbanned and banned console latest dashboard, same result, "MTE Screening Utility" and so on as in seen on the video."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    gisel213 Guest

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    it would be nice if dvdkeys could be shown using this...

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    rorage Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by gisel213 View Post
    it would be nice if dvdkeys could be shown using this...
    it would be nice but they won't...

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    ekrboi Guest
    would be real nice if eventually this would lead to being able to downgrade the 360s back to an exploitable kernel.. or just be able to reset the efuse's if thats even possible.. would bring the price of used non-updated 360's way down..
    from wikipedia..

    In computing, eFUSE is a technology invented by IBM which allows for the dynamic real-time reprogramming of computer chips. Speaking abstractly, computer logic is generally 'etched' or 'hard-coded' onto a chip and cannot be changed after the chip has finished being manufactured. By utilizing an eFUSE (or more realistically, a number of individual eFUSEs), a chip manufacturer can allow for the circuits on a chip to change while it is in operation.

    The primary application of this technology is to provide in-chip performance tuning. If certain sub-systems fail, or are taking too long to respond, or are consuming too much power, the chip can instantly change its behavior by 'blowing' an eFUSE. This process does not physically destroy the eFUSE, so it is reversible and repeatable, using JTAG programming.
    so it should be possible to 'reset' it... i wonder if anyone has been working on this for either the 360 or the ps3??!

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    SCE Guest
    Gr8 news. Hope one day we won't have to mess with JTAG!

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    sasoseso Guest
    from tiros @ xbh he is the one who wrote hacked smc "jtag hack"
    Manufacturing mode is nothing new. Thats what the red/green up/dn blinkers means. mfgbootlauncher.xex is on flash, and and can be made to execute a number of different ways.

    Hook up a serial port and you should see the messages about contacting the server etc. Naturally if your about to get a new KV, youd need to be in contact with the mothership. imho the whole thing is a dead end.

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Great News indeed, maybe some devs already working on efuses reset hack.

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