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    crystal3d Guest
    i will be more fair to SONY for once, but i will take a bicycle kick to ps4 if they let same things happen.

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    enotsleachim Guest
    this is kinda cool, but i already had 3 jtags, sold 2 of them because we never use them. i personally feel jtag is better, and free, but cool news nontheless.

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    turtlebits Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by alchybear View Post
    lol it feels like the only reason its here is cuz 360 usb backup manager finally made it to 360 like ps3, but in relation it that we are at 3.60 and 360 is finally catching up with editing firmware with backup manager, now its a race it seems like to see which one becomes fully hacked with out soldering <ps3 3.60> V.S. <xbox 360>

    and plz just find this entertaining..
    You don't need to solder to hack a 360...

  4. #24
    shummyr Guest
    Correct, you don't have to solder anything for either the ps3 or 360.

  5. #25
    micheal Guest

    so sool x360key, when will be released?

    this one sound are so cool , when i can got this one ?

  6. #26
    shummyr Guest
    When they have them available for preorder soon, then you can buy one.

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