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    Video: Square Enix Releases Final Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

    Today Square Enix has released the final Final Fantasy XIII trailer (below) for Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's XBox 360 console.

    This last trailer showcases some footage not seen before, and really sets the game up for next the 3 weeks until its launch in Japan on December 17, 2009.

    For those curious, it's heading to Europe and North America on March 9, 2010.

    To quote: "Square-Enix has just released the final Final Fantasy XIII trailer. Showcasing never before witnessed segments, this is the final trailer set to be released before the official release in Japan in just three short weeks.

    With everything leading up to the launch, Square-Enix certainly went out with a bang with the trailer.

    Some of the trailer features previous footage from older trailers, but a lot of the content is new. With, what appears to be an emotional story, Final Fantasy XIII should be one of the most emotional entries of the legendary saga."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    rekon210 Guest
    Even with all the video hype I still don't like final fantasy lol

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    xxdavide84xx Guest
    To see the video I already have a great desire to play it. Seems really well done...

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    toxsik Guest
    I can't freakin wait!! I've been anticipating this game for what seems now an eternity!

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    VFiva Guest

    That game is too long

    too many chapters... I think they should start something new

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Wrong definition!! Should be called: The Game is for ME to long!!!

    You cant say that the game is to long becouse millions of plz love it in case of this fact. (and many others )

    I for myself actually playing Sacred2 on x360 (if i have a few hours for me). I'm now have played the game over 100 hours and only have a little bit more than 20% of the game solved.

    Thats great!! Its a fantastic game and i never seen a bigger game like that.

    But if a game hase nasty bugs than IT IS a buggy game.

    Becouse this is no personally definition its a fact!!

    But to call a game to long is a personally definition and can lead into a giant discussion of useless words.

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    Sagarp14 Guest
    I hate the fact that leona lewis' song is going to be used for the game but am still looking forward to buying it. I love that in FF vs XIII the song was done in latin so theres no need to have an english counterpart as the language is not understood by most in either country. Definitely can't wait for this game but still looking forward more to vs XIII. I'm more into dark stories.

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    zangetsu1 Guest


    I've been a FF since FF7.. you can't say they should start something new because every FF release has its own story.

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