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    Apr 2005

    Video: Sonic 4 Mad Gear Zone Act 2 Gameplay Footage Leaked

    A few months ago we saw the teaser trailer followed by some Alpha Splash Hill Zone Gameplay, and today some new Sonic 4 Mad Gear Zone Act 2 video footage has been leaked.

    To quote: "The level recorded is Act 2 of the Mad Gear Zone level. Mad Gear Zone is based on Sonic 2's Metropolis Zone.

    The seven minute long video is below for your delectation. It's obviously not going to be in super high-definition 1080p in fullscreen but it's fine (best watching it without fullscreening it since the video gets stretched & definition gets lost when Sonic is flinging himself around)."

    Those interested can check out the leaked Sonic 4 Mad Gear Zone Act 2 Gameplay Footage below!

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    Starlight Guest
    Looks good and it sure brings back the memories of sonic for me as he is one of my fav. video characters and looks like a fun game.. nice.

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    zefie Guest
    complete with the normal bugs of a sonic game

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    laggmaster Guest
    Ah, good to see them getting back to the basics of sonic. i for one can't wait to play it from the video it looks like they have successfully recreated the original sonic games.

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    Kraken Guest
    So the Xbox 360 version of Sonic 4 has been leaked already, and I have had a chance to play it and it is rather good. There is no story explanation, voice overs, or anything like that, just classic 2d Sonic. The game really feels a lot like a high-definition Sonic 2, especially the casino.

    The music is somewhat old school, especially the main theme, with a lot of synth. There are 3 acts per zone, and 4 zones. There are of course 7 chaos emeralds, which finally let you play as super sonic in the levels. You can only earn one emerald per level (by having 50+ rings at the end), but you can play individual levels as many times as you like. The special stages are like the ones in Sonic 1, only much more difficult since you always need to collect a certain number of rings.

    Overall, it is a solid game that finally brings Sonic back to the good old days.

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