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    Apr 2005

    Video: Resident Evil 5 Actors Speak Out on Racism Allegations

    This weekend a video has been made available detailing points of view from some of the actors involved in making Resident Evil 5.

    The actors are hoping their voices of firm denial will finally help put an end to Internet rumors and speculation that Resident Evil 5 is a racist video game.

    From the video's caption: Actors from Resident Evil 5 deny internet rumblings that the game is racist.

    Those interested can check it out below, courtesy of ozzysr75 via GameTrailers:

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    gygabyte666 Guest

    Angry Ahhhh...more keepers ;p

    People are freaking retarded! The last thing I want to be reminded of is how stupid people really are and how often they throw that 'racism' bs in people faces. Get a freaking life morons, the whole world doesn't revolve around idiots like you because your black and feel 'offended' because BLACK people are in AFRICA!

    What the hell did you jackoffs expect the citizens in the game to be?? Chinese?! Go sell some more drugs, you Nazis. The game is absolutely amazing, another true gem from Capcom. Bottom line is the game is damn near perfect, obviously well worth the wait and the sad lonely people starting this nonsense should glance over their shoulder the next time they see someone with a chainsaw, they could be coming for you... the rest of us can only hope. SUCK ON THAT, you miserable hating pricks.

    Keep up the great work Capcom and everyone who works with them ^_^

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    wormie123 Guest
    Thats true its Africa. It makes me laugh how so simple it is to be racist. Take the UK you can have people shoutin abuse at our troops but we cant arrest them go to there country do that and ure shot, the world is one messed place. How can you move on from discrimination if the people who feel they are cant move on from it this world is such a joke haha

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    Kuikara Guest
    racism (as a charge) is turning into the way people see things . If somone is looking for racism in a game then they will see racism eventually , even if it is not there or intended . This angers me and i can see how it would anger otherpeople fueling them to actual racism .

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