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    Apr 2005

    Video: Nintendo Wii WODE - WiFi Proof of Concept Demo

    Last month we unveiled the Nintendo Wii WODE final design pictures and specifications alongside some Defcon1 demos, and today wodedev has made available (below) a WODE WiFi proof of concept demo video.

    To quote from the video's caption: "Proof of Concept Demo, Wode playing Farcry ISO from a SAMBA share on a PC. PC and Wode are connected via a WiFi router."

    Those interested can check it out below, and if you haven't seen it already the WODE Moon Trip demo video is further down.

    It demonstrates the WODE playing multidisc GameCube games on the Nintendo Wii console. Enjoy!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    smarty94 Guest
    With the amount of dropped packets that some wifi routers have at mid to long ranges, I'm surprised that it would play reliably. I wonder if wireless G has enough constant throughput to sustain this over a reasonable distance, assuming minimal packet loss. If few gigs of local NAND flash could probably solve any such problems.

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    leftnut101 Guest

    Cool good to know

    well at least I know how slow it would probably be off my router. personally I'm gonna stick to my ide or sata hard drives directly connected using iso loader progs, channels on on the system menu, etc, without the wode, this works fine for me.. and particularly as I'd have to open my wii to put one in, that would invalidate my life of the console modchip warranty.

    but nice project still. good to know the wii is still actively being modded in different & new ways.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I love the displaying of reads and bytes on the LCD. Beside that i have tested a lot of games and hdd´s with wbfs last time and i also have used fare cry to test.It seems that the wifi function have a little slow down but its a poc not a released version

    Sure this time too than the other times before: Really great work

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