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    Apr 2005

    Video: Nintendo Wii GameCube Backup iSOLoader POC Arrives

    Although many have sold their Nintendo GameCube to upgrade to a Wii console, according to crediar the GameCube homebrew scene isn't dead as demonstrated in a Starfox Assault backup proof-of-concept iSOLoader video below!

    Back when I owned a GameCube, you needed a mod-chip and could only run backup games burned to disc so it appears things have come along over the years on Nintendo's next-gen machine.

    The POC video's caption simply reads: "The impossible just became possible!"

    Finally, HERE is the USBGecko Log for those curious how it works. Check out the video below and long live the Nintendo GameCube!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    thon0925 Guest

    Video: Nintendo Wii GameCube Backup iSOLoader POC Arrives

    This isn't really Gamecube hombrew, since it's a Gamecube ISO loader for the Wii. Hopefully we can see something similar to Covefloader, but for GC games in the future

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    Apr 2005
    I hear ya... I also moved it to the Wii section as I accidently stuck it in the GameCube one. In any case, long live the GameCube!

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    Shrink Guest

    Big Grin

    Good ol' Starfox!

    Do a barrel roll!!!

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