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    Video: Natal Becomes Kinect at E3 2010, November 4th Launch

    Alongside some videos (below) of it in action, at Microsoft's E3 2010 press conference Project Natal was officially renamed to Kinect, which is slated to launch on November 4, 2010.

    Microsoft's Phil Spencer also confirmed that there will be 15 launch titles, and re-confirmed the hands-free motion control system will be compatible with all existing Xbox 360 consoles.

    Kinect features motorized tilt function and a multi-array microphone, in addition to the camera and movement sensor... so it will swivel to follow you.

    An engineer for Kinect took to the stage at E3 to show how 'natural' the device is. Within his presentation, he showed signing into his Xbox just by waving, and he could navigate the dash via speaking.

    VG247.com are also reporting that Kinect is expected to have two versions, with the most expensive costing $189.00.

    Finally, according to GameStop.com, Microsoft's Kinect will be priced at $149.99 for those who wish to pre-order the device.

    Check out some of the Kinect E3 2010 launch video demos below!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CodeKiller Guest
    Wow, that last ad: sorry Dave, but i can do that >:-D

    In the star-wars game it looks like the guy reacts to the game and not what it should be (opposite way).

    Still looks silly, no real feedback, no real innovation. To me it's just a next-gen eyetoy with the same "crappy" control. (i mean i'm not against it, but it's look useless for "serious" games... to continue the last video: driving with it would be really exhaustive, un-responsible, and overall just silly)

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    Mexicodude908 Guest
    I'm with CodeKiller except i am completely against this if i saw someone sitting in front of a tv looking a like a loser pretending he has a steering wheel in his hand. i would flip out at him for not having a life lol Also everyone can do this for free, its called an imagination lol

    btw what the heck is that last video lol why is it a video about seat belts EPIC FAIL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mexicodude908 View Post
    btw what the heck is that last video lol why is it a video about seat belts EPIC FAIL
    I just re-watched it, and yep... seems like an odd marketing video.

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