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    Apr 2005

    Video: Modern Warfare 2 - Infinity Ward Beaten at Own Game

    It was bound to happen.. just before the weekend cannonsimp of WePlayCOD beat Infinity Ward in their latest hit- Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2.

    A video of the feat is below via YouTube, and to quote: "Over on the WePlayCOD Forums, a user by the name of Cannonsimp has screenshot evidence of him beating Infinity Ward's best time for the tutorial level 'The Pit'.

    Whilst it's not strictly a tutorial, the exact same level is also included in Spec Ops mode. Cannonsimp has managed to complete the level in 00:22.50 (or 22.5 seconds). That's a whole tenth of a second faster than IW's best of 22.6 seconds.

    Think you're better? You'll find the level in Spec Ops - Alpha - The Pit."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Zoddi Guest
    Lol i'll never beat it even i play with a mouse and keyboard.

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    livpool Guest
    wow! nice, my best is 38 seconds... lol

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    CompTronicsTec Guest
    Just curious how the guy gets like ~20 shots off with his pistol without reloading...

    Maybe i missed it, but i watched twice. at the base of the steps (right before the knife part) you can see his screen says "reload"...and hes running (cant run and reload at same time, unless im mistaken), goes up the stares, knifes, and all the sudden has a full clip?

    Did he just have 2 of the same gun or something? Is there some glitch allowing a fast reload?

    Oh and i just noticed his screen when he finishes says he did 22.1, not 22.5, but the included screenshot says 22.5... i must be missing something.

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    Sagarp14 Guest


    One of the comments on the video over at youtube says that his first gun was an m9 and then he switched his gun to a usp because it's much faster to switch to a pistol than to reload.

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    themcbrooms Guest
    What?! Somebody is using a PS3 to play this game!? How dare they not give in to the MS marketing hype that this game is only good on a 360...

    I bet this video pisses off Infinity Ward for two reasons. 1, the beaten score, and 2, this wasn't done on the system that has paid Infinity Ward big money to favor in development etc...

    Am I out of line?

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    inuyasha5400 Guest


    @themcbrooms your out of line. you need to give in to the ps3 side. the 360 is trash. my friend got his finger stuck in the disc tray.

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    Poopsqueege Guest


    That is awesome. It is hard to see what he is shooting at.

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    themcbrooms Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by inuyasha5400 View Post
    @themcbrooms your out of line. you need to give in to the ps3 side. the 360 is trash. my friend got his finger stuck in the disc tray.
    You obviously missed my sarcasm... I am very pro PS3. Do I need to remake my point of 360 bias, or can you just re-read my comment?

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    wormie123 Guest
    Me and a friend have beaten a few of their times. Doing it on regular though just ran as much as possible. Happy to post screens. Anyone know if their times are veteran? As you unlock it after that.

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