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    Starlight Guest

    Video: Modern Warfare 2 Gets God Mode and More Glitches

    Just when you thought it was safe to play Modern Warfare 2 online again, there's a list of new glitches on the way, including god mode.

    According to AnalogHype.com (linked above), this latest round of MW2 mods and glitches are not found just on PC, as the video below demonstrates on Microsoft's XBox 360 console.

    To quote: "It's very disappointing to know that all this is still possible after Infinity Ward patched things up.

    On top of that, there are claims that there's a new workaround to bring back the care package glitch. Check out the full list of the mods and glitches."

    List of MW2 Mods from volcomstone37922 via YouTube:

    1. God Mode (Don't Die)
    2. Wall Hack (See People Through Walls)
    3. Jump Height (Jump Higher)
    4. Default Weapon (New Weapon)
    5. Gold Desert Eagle (COD4 Gold Desert Eagle)
    6. No Recoil (Gun Does Not Have Any Kickback)
    7. Unlimited Ammo (Never Run Out Of Ammo)
    8. Spawn With AC-130
    9. Every Perk (All Perks)
    10. Other People Have NO PERKS
    11. Other People Can Not Jump
    12. Text On Screen (Messages At Beginning)

    Video can be seen below!

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    Ihatecompvir Guest
    This is kinda scary, wonder what will happen on the PS3 once files on the HD can be replaced/backups can be ran (modified MW2s for Prestige Lobbies).

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    Nairb Guest

    Thumbs Down

    Terrible.. Hackers ruin a great game everytime.

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    Jhawkins Guest
    Anybody know to do this?? the more we abuse it the faster it gets patched.

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    Its a great game, had the pleasure of getting the platinum trophy. The multiplayer is really unplayable now with all the glitches, maybe it runs okay for a day or a week but breaks again. But the game is far from broken, mw2 is a great game, the single player and special ops can give you 48 hours of incredible gameplay if played on veteran difficulty.

    I'm really sad this great game had to be exploited again and again by lamer but don't give up on it, and if you haven't got it yet, buy it its one of the best experiences out there even without the mp.

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    thering Guest
    Wow... the Infinity Ward Devs are probably crying right now. Multiplayer is still far from broken though, most people who use these exploits get reported by the entire other team (before they leave the game), which raises a red flag for microsoft, and they end up banned from live within a day or two.

    The stuff that's harder to detect (like seeing through walls, which can only be detected by killcams that are literally unbelievable) is fairly common, but the game is still worth playing.

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    foresttree1 Guest
    lol. you would think after the javelin glitch they would get careful.

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    mckarlsson Guest
    i hate cheaters...

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mckarlsson View Post
    i hate cheaters...
    Let IW have it, they didnt put enough work into their code and this is what happens. Look at it at the bright side, this is exposing IW to a whole new level. I really like them, but all these glitches show whats under the carpet and having 9 patches since release is shameful.

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    Scrapy Guest
    That video is really insane, quite surprising for me to see those sorts of hacks on a console for the first time.

    I'm just glad i am playing the ps3 version without any hacks of this nature for now at least

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