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    barrybarryk Guest
    its not for your desktop genius its for tablets, if your use a regular pc you can turn it off!

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    kablooey Guest
    What a crap! Always from Microsoft.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Agree above but Horses for courses they say. I'm an Xp user mainly, and not a lover of vista or win7, so with this new OS coming soon I thought I would at least see what all the fuss is about.

    The front end reminds me of the 360, so no tick there, and with the unneeded flashing eye candy its just to much for what I need.
    Although its not an issue I'm just set in my ways with how I have my desktop, so looking at it from a main computer point of view its just not feasible.

    On the other hand, I can see this new OS open doors for more developers and like to create more apps, and when touch screen TV's become more ready available then it may become a great media OS using dual monitors giving you the options to remote control if needed.

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
    you can turn the interface or "start screen" off it's only a front end for tablets and folks that want to use it, there's a proper windows desktop underneath (seems identical to 7 at the minute with an 'app store').
    That's good to know, it will make the transition a lot more comfortable.. especially for those who aren't into touchscreens. +Rep!

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    Sayargh Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
    its not for your desktop genius its for tablets, if your use a regular pc you can turn it off!
    1. The video says it is for tablets, desktops and laptops so you are wrong, genius.

    2. What's the point of Windows 8 for regular PCs then? If its no different to Windows 7 why would I upgrade?! Which btw, is most people who would install Windows 8.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    1. I have the alpha so I know I'm not wrong. The OS is for desktops, laptops and tablets (hence the ARM port) but the start screen is optional and very very obviously heavily optimised as a touch solution for where there's no physical keyboard.

    2. The OS isn't due out until late next year, this isn't even the first new feature we've seen there's also an 'app store' and god knows what else being implemented, but don't rubbish an entire OS because you have no use for one optional feature.

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    daveribz Guest
    "It will run anything!" That's what I love about Windows and Linux; openess, interoperability and compatibilty! Go away Apple the patent troll!

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    Kraken Guest
    Looks a lot like Media Center to me. A whole bunch of optional eyecandy that is basically non-functional, but you will try once because it looks cool. When they showed Office with a traditional desktop I knew it wasn't going to be that huge of a disaster though. There is no real reason for normal users to upgrade though, so they will probably find some way to gimp Windows 7; similar to how directx 10 didn't work on XP to force people into Vista.

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