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    NaTaS69 Guest

    Video: Metroid: Other M Nintendo Wii Gameplay Trailer Arrives

    Today Nintendo has updated the Metroid.com Web site with a brand new trailer video featuring gameplay from the upcoming Wii game Metroid: Other M.

    The video can be seen below courtesy of nintendolife via YouTube, with only a few months to go until the game is released in the US (this summer) followed by Europe later in the year.

    The game takes place between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion. Other M opens with a cinematic showing the final battle with Mother Brain at the conclusion of Super Metroid.

    After escaping the exploding Planet Zebes, Samus awakens on a Galactic Federation ship. After leaving, she receives a distress call from a dormant "Bottle Ship", which is floating a short distance away from a Federation vessel.

    Upon stepping into the ship, Samus encounters a group of GF soldiers, led by Anthony Higgs, who fought alongside her before she left the GF military. She also meets Adam Malkovich, who used to be her commanding officer when she was in the Federation Army.

    Something happened that caused Samus to leave the army, causing Adam to be standoffish and guarded, calling Samus an "outsider" and ordering his team not to reveal any details of their mission to her.

    However, after defeating a large, purple tentacle-monster, Samus is welcomed onto the team and briefed on the details of their mission. They all split up to explore different parts of the ship, in hopes of the discovering the threat that they are up against.

    Check out the trailer below!

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    jlouderb Guest

    Spoiled by HD

    OK, maybe I'm just jaded, but I am definitely spoiled by HD. I remember asking one of NIntendo's marketing guys (George Harrison) about HD before the Wii launched and he said there was no reason for it. NOt now, not five years from now.

    I think he was wrong then, and very wrong now. Metroid may be a fun game, but it will look terrible on HD.

    Thoughts? I wish they would come out with an HD Wii today!


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    HirotoSama Guest
    The HD isn't what is at fault here... It's the bad textures that are in the game and how most of us are expecting something as awesome as the Prime Trilogy. But look carefully at the movements Samus makes in the trailer. Notice how it is a side-scroller in nature that will swap out the direction every now and then. I've read that the 1st person that's in it can't be used to move around.

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    PaNNaP Guest
    looks good. i want all the music from these games! Also, i'm mainly curious how well the controls will play out.

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