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    PSPSwampy Guest

    Video: Lord Mandelson UK Free Speech / Free Internet Petition

    See now, I might be a bit late posting this as the video has been up since the end of November.

    It's only had 50,000 odd hits so far but I think we can do better - check it out and forward it on to everyone you know.

    I live in the UK and this law sucks big time, giving WAY too much power to the big companies.

    Cool tune too, saw this on the latest episode of TorrentFreakTV and just had to post about it.

    Help keep the Internet free and prevent the UK govenment from imposing these stupid laws.

    (Check the user's more info which has links to download the MP3 and other interesting links!)

    P.S. Don't forget to sign the official government petition to get rid of this by going HERE.

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    JESSIAH24 Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Free internet sounds good to me.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    LOL! Hopfully you understood the context in which that was written, but to clarify...
    "Free" as in "freedom", as in "Freedom of speech" etc

    Not "Free" as in "no charge", "without cost" !

    (although it would be nice if internet access were totally free of cost!)

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    CyanCaze Guest
    What sucks is here in the U.S. President Obama just a few months ago, added a system that allows him to shut off all Internets, if he so pleases.

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