GameTuts has shared a video via YouTube demonstrating how easy it is to conduct various Left 4 Dead exploits on the Xbox 360 console while annoying multiplayer gamers.

To quote: In this video I show you some Left 4 Dead Mods for the Xbox 360! No more tutorial, sorry. Please enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!

The only reason I did this is because it made the game fun for me. I love doing things you can't normally do. I do NOT use this to cheat in versus. I DON'T CARE about winning in versus. If I wasn't able to mod this game I probably wouldn't care about it at all.

I am done with this game. It no longer entertains me. Time to go play a more high quality game like GOW2 is how I feel. :) So stop giving hate messages about cheating in a game that really doesn't have a competitive multiplayer.

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