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    cfwprophet Guest

    Video: Install HBC on the Official Nintendo Firmware 4.0

    One more time we (PS3NEWS and Dasberaterforum) are proud to present you a Hombrew method to install the HBC on a official Nintendo FW 4.0.

    You will need a modchip (get one of the solderless one) and a backup of your MarioKart Wii.

    Additionally you will need the Hombrewchannel as WAD and Trucha Signer or WiiScrubber to replace the MarioKart Wii Channel.wad with the Hombrewchannel.wad.

    Start the game and install the MarioKart Wii channel, but with the difference that for you the HBC will be installed.

    After that, go on with Downgrading and installing all other wad's that you want to have on your system. ;)

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Very cool news indeed cfwprophet, and Thanks for posting the guide/video. +Rep!

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    labonte Guest
    Hey so this is the other method to install HBC on 4.0 that we were talking about last week nice work props to you and your team.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    thx boss and labontecar43.Yop thats the methode and worked like a charm

    For all not so familial user i have made some screen shotīs how to replace the Channel.wad with WiiScrubber.First Trucha will not work becouse it can not handle more than 2 partitionīs and MKW have 3 partitionīs.SRY have forgot this

    Than i use WiiScrubber v1.3 becouse v1.4 have some bugs for extracting / replacing files and so on.

    You can use this with HardMod or SoftMod.If you have the cIOS60 on your sys than you do not need a Modchip.Just use my LCUD to boot the WAD Manager v1.3 from Wii OS and first install cIOSv9, than rebbot, do the procedure again but now install HBC.wad

    If you have the cIOS249 on your sys it will be even better becouse just boot UUDv2 and install the HBC.wad.

    And here for the HardMod methode:

    Open your MKW.iso with WiiScrubber

    Klick on "+" for Partitoin 3 - Installer.Right klick on the MKWChannel.wad and choice replace

    Navigate to the HBC.wad and double klick it

    At last just klick OK and your done

    Burn to disc and install the Channel as showed in the Vid

    THX and Credits go out to all scene hackers, devers, coders and modders and for sure to Feurigo for to get to the point, testing and making the vid

    -Have Fun-
    [color=black]Team [color=red]JeSTersLicENse

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    tworok Guest
    fantastic discovery, my friend is gonna be very happy that there's a new way to unlock the wii

    btw, thanks a lot

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    psptops3 Guest
    So i take it you need to have Wankos 4.0 to use this or cios249..

    This wont work on true 4.0 none trucha?

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    tyepye Guest

    Just tried this a couple for times on two seperate DVDs and it did not work. I got the "there is a problem with the disc, please eject...." message.

    I followed your Wiiscrubber guide exactly and have had no luck when selecting to install the Mario Kart Channel. Just out of interest does it require having the trucha fixes installed or does it install on an Official Wii Update as well?

    Hope someone can help

    Edit: I aslo have a hardmodded wii, with a wii chip.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Im to this time a litle bit pissed off becouse things always cant go easy

    Anyway for understanding:

    feurigo delated the hbc from the wii and updated again to official FW 4.0.Some guys claimed it doesnt work with official FW 4.0.But he forgot to delate the whole channel, meaning ticket and tmd and now mkw sayes that the channel is allready installed.I gived my UUDv2 and LCUD to him but both doesnt boot.I truyed on my downgraded 3.2 Wii and the same happens, both discs wont boot.

    But the ripped MKW with the injected hbc from feurigo still work on his Wii.So no way that it could be for the Trucha Bug.Than i tested my UUDv1 what dont worked on FW 4.0 and for my FW 3.2 it still boot.

    Now i will updated to HB FW 4.0 and test the UUDv2 and LCUD again.Than update to official FW 4.0 and do some more tests.

    ps. for what i know Waninkokos FW 4.0 updater doesnt patch anything.
    Meaning it is the official FW 4.0 with just a few files missing.WIISCU does patch the trucha bug in the channels and files if you choice this but not Waninkokos FW 4.0 updater.It is called HB FW 4.0 only for the missing files.

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    frente69 Guest

    I was always under the impression that you couldn't use the Trucha Signer from 3.4 onwards? That's the entire reason why i have not upgraded from 3.2.


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    psptops3 Guest
    Im finding mario kart a bit of an enigma with this

    Well it seem you can even change the ios and it still work on 4.0 official firmware(trucha should not let me right?)
    Ok here what i did

    Got 2 wiis one with wanks 4.0 and one with the official 4.0

    Wanks had the HB channel on there so i deleted it and yes the mario kart trick worked i used the back up loader and ios249

    Then i tryed the Official 4.0 and it boots mario kart game ok but not the installer,now this disc is set to ios249, this wii had the homebrew at 3.2e custom corps till my friend upgraded it to 4.0 and formated it

    I will get a total clean wii and just upgraded it 4.0 after dumping the nand with Infectus on 3.2 and see what happens

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