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    Apr 2005

    Video: Hackers Halt 1 Vs 100 XBox 360 Quiz Show with Exploit

    It appears hackers have found a way to exploit Microsoft's Xbox Live interactive quiz show 1 vs 100, which has resulted in Microsoft halting the BETA phase for the software.

    The quiz allowed participants to win prizes including 40" HDTVs, so it's likely until Microsoft fixes the exploit the trial will remain at a standstill.

    To quote: The beta phase for Microsoft's free Xbox Live interactive quiz, in which players can win prizes, has been taken offline, presumably following the news that hackers have exploited the software.

    The 1 vs. 100 beta phase kicked off in July and thousand of gamers have been competing to take home a variety of prizes including 40" HDTVs and the top prize of 10,000 Microsoft points.

    From the video's caption: This is proof that gamertags with Defensive in front of their name are cheaters at 1 vs 100.

    Console Monster first broke the news that a number of gamers with the word "Defensive" in their gamertags had manage to exploit the system.

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    veetvujagig Guest
    This stuff pisses me off to no end... damn hackers.

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    Drakhen Guest
    Well tonight is the first night the live game of 1 vs 100 should be online since this news has been posted, so far a am sceptacle about this hack, due to the fact I have only seen info posted here of it being done, and the Extended play sessions have still been going on, the live show is still posted as going on tonight so lets see if all is true, lets see if the show goes on, also I would like to see that oreo guy as the 1 then I will believe the whole hoop la.

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    utar Guest
    1vs100 clearly hasn't been halted! I have been playing it tonight.


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    Apr 2005
    That was days ago, and yes it was halted (duh) as it was on ALL the major news sites... even Yahoo. Of course it's back now if you are using it, so that just means Microsoft patched it as expected.

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