2009 already looks to be a great year for gaming, the unfortunate truth when it comes to a stellar year is titles will be delayed to avoid the usual "hassles" attributed to a "clogged" year.

Here are a few titles we believe gamers will have to wait for:

The next Zelda game
After the slightly lacking Twilight Princess, the team behind Zelda have been working on the latest adventures of Link since 2006. After delaying 'Twilight Princess' for a Wii release, the team have had over two years working on new ideas with Shigeru Miyamoto's comments suggesting that the next instalment will breathing new life into the series like Ocarina Of Time did over a decade ago.

The last we heard was from a December issue of Official Nintendo Magazine in which stated the developers were still in the planning stages and that we'd be lucky to hear anything at E3 09 but promised some new information before the year runs out. It looks like it is going to be an awfully long wait...

Heavy Rain
One of the bigger titles hitting PS3, Heavy Rain has been confirmed as of last year for a 2009 release which is all well and good when the game is still pretty far from going gold. Not that I doubt developer 'Quantic Dream's ability to create a great game, I just wouldn't be surprised if this game will be delayed into 2010.

Such things happen when it comes to games that offer such a unique gameplay style as well as the level of technology their working with, a delay would only be to add that extra touch of perfection.

Time Splitters 4
Up until late last year, Time Splitters 4 was still on the hush hush but we knew it was coming. Now with Free Radical in a spot of bother it looks like Time Splitters 4 might be on hold until things clear up.

It saddens us because we're big fans of the Time Splitters games both for their single player games and frantic multiplayer and we're sure the fourth game would have been just as good as the previous games. You only need to look at some of the leaked artwork to see how crazy the imagination of the guys at Free Radical is when it came to Time Splitters 4.

Splinter Cell Conviction
After suffering many lengthy delays, it looks like Ubisoft might actually release it. Added to the 2009-2010 fiscal year, it could be released anytime between April 09 and March 2010. The last time we got to spend some time with Sam Fisher was back in 2006 with the release of Splinter Cell: Double Agent although promotional images of the sequel 'Conviction' were leaked around the same time.

Perhaps these delays are the punishment for anticipating a sequel so soon after Double Agent or maybe it is just time for the series to take an even darker turn than usual... hey who turned out the lights?

New Team ICO project
We at TGS are dying in anticipation over what the great minds of at Team ICO are working on behind closed doors. After the truly magnificent pair of games, we have no doubt that their next game will be as good as the last and we really hope we see it sooner rather than later, after all it has been almost four years since we were treated with Shadow of the Colossus.

A strange thing happened when I brought this up in a discussion with a friend. He suggested that the next Team ICO project could really be anything from an RTS to a racing game. The thought of Team ICO putting out a racing game shook me but then I remember that it was Team ICO that would be behind it. With their current track record, I'm willing to be optimistic on this matter.

Alan Wake
No one should be surprised with the addition of Alan Wake to this list, first announced in 2006 the game has never seen a steady release window. Developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft, the game puts players in the shoes of Alan Wake, an acclaimed writer who to escape writers block is persuaded to vacation in the town of "Bright Falls" with his wife.

After arriving in the town Alan finds his wife is missing, after a hunt turns up nothing, Alan is lead to believe what he is writing in his book is coming to life. Alan Wake is on a "when it's done" release schedule which many speculate is 2009, dubbed a psychological thriller the game's protagonist is modeled after Finnish actor Ikka Villi.

To End All Wars
It's not every day a developer decides to make a game set in World War I, the odds of that game being developed using the Unreal Engine 3 and being a FPS are even lower! Originally announced in 2006 for release on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in 2008, the project went dead silent in 2007 after a publisher was announced.

Developed by Chemistry and published by Ghostlight, we hope the project will be heard from in 2009, it definitely had a lot going for it, all our calls to both publisher and developer have gone unanswered.

John Carpenter's Psychopath
When it comes to games, John Carpenter is no stranger, with his last game collaboration "The Thing" (Based off hit 80s film of the same title) being a great success. When we first heard John Carpenter was returning to the gaming industry we were extremely happy.

The game is being developed by Titan Productions with no publisher currently attached to the project, the last we heard of the game was at E3 2005. The horror game will revolve around an ex CIA agent who is called back into service after a string of serial killings, through a twist of events the protagonist begins to question his own sanity.

Duke Nukem Forever
Those old enough will remember the 90s had a kick ass hero by the name of Duke Nukem who would kick ass and chew bubble gum, surprisingly always out of the later all while finding time to pay the local strip club a visit. Developed by 3D Realms and published by Take Two, the game has been in development hell since 1997, despite this 3D Realms still does enough to wet the appetites of Duke Fans all over the world.

Not much is known about the storyline, although in 2008 Scott Miller, a program on the project confirmed the plot revolves around a retired casino owning Nukem who is pulled back into service after aliens attack his casino.

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