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    DarkSora17 Guest

    Video Game Console Fanboyism: Will it Ever Stop?

    The question first popped in my head probably around mid 2008. But the article that helped me answer the question was the Top Five Ways Microsoft's XBox 360 Has Beaten Sony's PS3.

    To answer the question of fanboyism, first we have to look into the situation as a whole. Personally, I think the fanboy situation may be a little amusing and irritating at some points, but since it's 2009, I think it's time to give fanboyism the lethal injection. Enough is enough. We need to help end this.

    Most of you know, Microsoft has been taking quite a few shots at Sony. And you know what? They're working. People are buying into the stupid rumors and fake information that can easily be proven to be incorrect. It's like saying Obama's a secret muslim.

    We know he isn't, we've proven that he isn't, so why is it that people are still thinking that he's hiding it? Compare this with the "PS3 library isn't as big as 360's!" comment I recieved from a fanboy the other day, and you can get why I'm writing this.

    Now, though most of us want this to stop, some of us (like me) have lost the hope of it ever happening. With immature people talking about how Halo 3 is overrated, or Gears 2 is too much like the first one, PS3 fanboys are just as many in numbers than 360 fanboys. And what disheartens me even more is: they're just as retarded.

    Now when there's a problem with a console, it's best to point it out. Such as, if there's fewer games on a console, it should be pointed out. But when everyone says to you "Dude, it's been fixed: there are a lot of good games out now!" You should shut your mouth. Don't try to defy it, and please don't ignore it. Take heed, and move on.

    But it's not the fanboy's fault sometimes. It's the corporation itself. With some of the idiots in Microsoft (Like Mr.Greenburg) saying that "Hey, if people aren't buying the ps2, that means they're buying our product! WE'RE WINNING!"

    And saying that Killzone 2 wasn't the system seller people thought it would be, even though this was said BEFORE the game came out, is just as influential to fanboys than the fanboys' peers, and it makes me sick.

    This may appear like I'm throwing jabs to Microsoft, but let's be honest here, They've made some serious mistakes. (hadware anyone?) But it's not just the 360 fanboys. it's the PS3 ones too. What is it about Metal Gear Solid 4 that can back up PS3 no matter what? Yes, it was a great game. Yes, it was Kojima's masterpiece. But that's IT. It's nothing more. It's a GAME, just like any other.

    As for the Wii... well... is there even a fanboy out there for the Wii anymore? I mean, games are starting to come out, but after how long? Are people expected to beg? It's been too long since a good game came out. The last one i can think of is either tenchu, or madworld.

    But all the shovelware thrown onto the shelves are too disgusting to deal with. I own a Wii and PS3, and I can say for a fact that my Wii hasn't been turned on once in the last month, but my PS3 is on every single day.

    Now for those wondering, I've officially switched to gamespot. And it's well worth it. But I've noticed a trend. The console war is much more fierce and infantile there than on IGN. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE gamespot compared to IGN's bias, but there are some pretty immature people there when it comes to exclusives.

    There are people who think they're somehow intelligent by claiming to own a ps3, and playing a particular exclusive, like Resistance 2, and saying that no one should waste their money on it, and that it's worse than any game on the market.

    But if you ask them about the difference between playing as the chimera and human in online, they don't have a clue what you're talking about. Or ask the other guy who says Halo was a waste of money about the new dash on the 360, and he'll say 'what dash?'

    This is my reason for lost hope. They're trying to come up with new ways to put off gamers from the competitive console, no matter how stupid the ideas are. It's getting easier to ignore, but it's piling up into a mountain that's hard to walk over or around; it's just there, stuck in the middle of your every day path.

    But if all of us who don't give a crap, PS3, X360, and Wii owners alike, come together to shoot down fanboyism, they may, MAY be a chance. But it'll be hard, and may be futile, but it has to stop. No matter what the cost, Fanboyism should be put to rest.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    HEHE I gave you a +Rep for this one... I knew it was coming sooner or later.

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    saviour07 Guest
    plus rep for this.. i cant stand the fanboyism thats out there now!

    im a ps3 owner (the only one out of all my peers), but will admit there are certain things about other consoles i enjoy
    however all my mates own a 360 and will, in a way, "gang up" on me about little things such as frame rates being better on the 360 by like 2 frames, or cross game chat
    its seriously not the end of the world for me if a game has a better frame rate on their console and not mine!

    its about the games and how you enjoy them!
    fanboys all over the world mustn't understand this
    we need an anti-fanboy society or somethin

    anyway rant over

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    otarumx Guest
    I also believe that fanboyism comes from some sort of fear that the owner of a console has about choosing the "wrong" console. If they see that the PS3 is gaining up steam they will indubitably start to say that it is crap and that it has no games. The other side is also true, if the 360 starts to sell in japan for example the PS3 fanboys will bitch and moan that the 360 keeps getting the red rings and has no games.

    What really bothers me is that most fanboys get "facts" out of thin air and they speak ill about the competitor without really knowing a thing about it.

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    GZA1984 Guest
    Well or you can just ignore fanboys by not participating in the whole fanboyism thing
    As a matter of fact the escalated fanboyism thing started at these companies after all, due to attacking their competition with their presentations/interviews (Especially Microsoft) and the brainless crowds going nuts and spreading the word and using it against "the other console's" owners. (Internet ftw...)

    But I do think that Halo 3 is an overrated game (the Halo series in general actually). Gear Of War (2) and MGS4 are awesome though.

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    Rtrace Guest
    Video game fanboyism will never stop, there will always be product loyalty for as long as humans exist. This is because we humans like to get attached to things and one of the things we get attached to are things that we find to be of importance for those of us with no real life we find video games to be of importance so our first next gen console will be the one we are loyal to because it is important to us.

    I refer to these people as rather crazy, as the same goal for all video games is to be amused and not let it become that important to us, so for it to become some thing of importance that you have to defend to the death you have pretty much lost it. A video game console is not for you to put above your life and as so is not something to be loyal to. I have all three major consoles and love all three.

    The Wii is a yippy bastard that is fun to let the kids play, the PS3 is slow but reliable and the 360 is a fun little guy that only from time to time dies on you. All three have their ups and downs and own things to enjoy. If you can't except it, then you might as well STFU and hide back in your cave with your Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    All I know is I like cheez it's!

    My favorite fanboy rumor of all time is when the 360 fanboys said that all the PS3 exclusives are going to the 360. They still believe it lol! I don't understand where these 18 year old no body's who never had a girlfriend, come up with this stuff. If the PS3 was canceled I would believe it. But I mean come on.

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