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    Apr 2005

    Video: FIFA 10 First Gameplay Footage is Available

    Today the first proper gameplay video of EA's FIFA franchise has hit the Internet.

    Below is the video embedded for easy viewing. It's 2:05 mins long and provides a glimpse - albeit a short one, into the new gameplay found in FIFA 10.

    Courtesy of Hitmankillerman, the video's caption reads as follows:

    The first normal gameplay of fifa 10 leaked on the Internet. I belive FIFA 10 is going to turn out awesome and can't wait for it. :)

    Please rate & comment! And this isn't fake! Hope you all Enjoy it!

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    Bamber Guest
    Looks exactly like Fifa 09 to me.

    Where's the 360 degree player movement? Why is Ronaldo still playing for Man U? Only the opening screen has changed!

    If it is Fifa 10 then I'll be giving PES another chance this year!

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    lobex Guest
    The video is now Offline.

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    Apr 2005


    LOL... indeed, it now shows:
    This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Electronic Arts.
    If anyone has an alternate video link to it feel free to post it below and I will update the first post with it.

    Update: I found this one, not sure if it's the exact same though:


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