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    jabberosx Guest

    Video: Duke Nukem Forever Leaked Gameplay Footage

    Recently misterwabo uploaded a video of what appears to be some leaked gameplay footage of Duke Nukem Forever to YouTube.

    The newly found remains from the exploded corpse of Duke Nukem Forever have given followers of the Duke Nukem soap opera another chance to grieve the loss of 3D Realms' game.

    To quote: "The apparently leaked footage is dark, blurry, occasionally covered in on-screen blood and might be familiar feeling to those of you who have sought out every scrap of footage and screen shot from the long in development Duke Nukem Forever.

    At least, that's what we think this new-to-us footage is from, based on the enemies, fingerless gloves and big weapons.

    And you know, some of it looks quite good, particularly the lovely headshot scatter and explosions. Plus, how often do you get accurate tumbleweed physics?"

    Check out the video below!

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    smarty94 Guest
    Don't make me cry! I guess this goes up there with battlefront 3 as one of the greatest games to get cancelled.

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    nelak Guest
    Oh my god!!! it was real?! They really had something, and it looks really good.

    Hope it gets revived!

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    Drakhen Guest


    Ign posted that video with the actual sound from the game, also it seemed like the video was brighter there, one might be able to go through there log and see the video if interested, it sounds as though it is still in the works.

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    foresttree1 Guest
    Nooo... They have been doing this for over ten years already. Releasing a trailer for what looks like a new duke nukem game and then canceling it. It like they give you hope and than take it all away and then give it back. Hope this like cycle will stop and that they finally release the game.

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    e1ace Guest
    I know it's a low quality video but those blood effects look pretty terrible. Looks luck chunky ketchup.

    The game seems to play similarly to the original (in terms of the fast-paced gameplay).

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    koerdecke Guest
    Hmm it looks good but the Blood Effects are really terrible, i think there a cut version isnt so bad (joke)

    I didnt know why but it looks like a better Unreal Engine 3... So now we must wait for a release.

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    JFTS Guest


    Dude, we have been waiting more than 7 years for this game! I hope they will finish it sometime soon. It looks very interesting.

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    netpredakonn Guest
    Omg. Didn't actually believe that anything from that game would ever surface. I was almost sure that they had spent 7 years sitting on their backs playing Half-Life

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