Crysis was thankfully blessed with an editor that allowed gamers to create their own mods, assets, and levels. I remember visiting a Crysis modification site, and taking a look at a modification that would drop a nuke and deplete everything in itís path for a good few miles. Today I came across another modification.

This time itís a custom level built for Crysis, and boy am I beyond belief. If you think youíve put hard work into a modification then maybe you should take a look at the following pictures.

This medieval level is known as Niveus, and the artist who created this stunning level is Andrew "androkles" Hasko. The level is currently reported to run at 5fps on his machine. Iím right now speechless after taking a look at the pictures. Video can be seen below.. Enjoy.


More screenshots can be seen at the link up top of this story. More PlayStation 3 News...