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    cfwprophet Guest

    Lightbulb Video: Community Custom Firmware (CCFW) Minor Wii Demo!

    Here is the first minor demo video of our Community Custom Firmware (CCFW) for the Nintendo Wii console.

    Theme is taken from DVBisOk and also he hase made some new layout hacks. For this demo I just have changed the text of the buttons in the settings menu. But I want to do some more like delating the system update and online update function.

    Changing the FW branding. Mainly to time its not possible in case of a unknown Lz7 format for the Wii "wwwlib-rvl.lz7" file. This is the Wii libs and im pretty sure the version will be stored in there.

    But anyway maybe its possible to hack the .js and .html files to swap a self-made image or hardcoded version and id branding on the same place.

    Uhmm yea, it is called community because I do not really have a source code or something else. Instead of that I just put the best things from the community and compile it to one great installable CFW.

    I'm sure there are more plz out what can do the job much better then me. But in a special case it seems that no one want it to do. So... I will do.

    Also if it is possible I want to add priiloader as a fixed part of the CCFW so that you simply install a bunch of wads and your save. In case that you allready have bootmii as boot2 installed you then have 2 reall great backdoors into your system.

    But not enough I will add the new RescueMii-CORE, Indi PWNS and the Smash Stack Exploit to our CCFW. You see the main part of our CCFW will be SECURITY.

    Security in case that you have such a lot of backdoors into your system that it will be nearly Unpossible to get a full unrepairable brick of your nintendo wii console.

    -Stay Tuned- CFWPRPHT cheers

    PS: As always, I have to say sorry for the reall poor quality of my mobile cam.

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    labonte Guest

    Thumbs Up Video: Community Custom Firmware (CCFW) Minor Wii Demo!

    Very, very nice.. I can't wait to get my new wii.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Big Grin

    I have moved this to the Site News... excellent CCFW demo indeed cfwprophet!!

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    tworok Guest
    Truly fantastic mate!

    keep up the great work.


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    grudge1981 Guest
    This looks really promising. The wii is nearly rivaling the xbox1 nowadays!

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Looks ver good ^^ How reliable is it already ? Does it crash ?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    It is reliable like any other FW too.I thought about releasing a pre-CCFW pack becouse to day i have to change my apartment and it could need a few days till i can work again.Then i need a few days to work so it could be 2-3 weeks till first release.

    If i can manage it i will compile this pre-CCFW pack and upload it.

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