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    Starlight Guest

    Video: CES 2010 Razer 360 and Sixense Controllers with Headset

    A video is available below showcasing Razer's upcoming XBox 360 and Sixense controllers along with a headset from CES 2010.

    To quote: "The XBOX 360 controller, which was prototyped for the show, brought a whole slew of features. Their hyper responsive buttons employ a switch rather than the standard membrane. What does this mean? Its freaking easy to click, and has nice audible feedback.

    It has a lit edge, rubberized grip and is a pretty comfortable shape. On the top of the controller are two new shoulder buttons that are programmable via two sliders on the controller back.

    These two buttons can mimic the functions of any face button, including analog clicks. Speaking of the analog sticks, each has an independent tension dial to allow you to get the "just right" feel on either stick. Its MSRP is slated at $49.99 and will be available in the near future.

    The XBOX 360 headset was a nice piece of work as well. It features a wired base station that doubles as a charger and 5.1 surround support. When the system is powered off, the base station allows audio pass through so there will be no need to switching your receiver around.

    For tournament play, the headsets cab ne daisy chained together to provide a private voice chat network. The headset was also a prototype and is said to have an MSRP of $129.00 sometime in the near future."

    Check out some pics and the video below, courtesy of Blip!

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    The audio is terrible.. can't they speak into the mic? other than that, looks nice.. :-) too bad its for the 360.. :-/

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    Starlight Guest
    Apparently the mic was only partially plugged in and that is why the audio wasn't very good and they apologize for this as i forgot to post this, sorry about that.

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    OMG! It's a black wiimote!

    On another note, it's very interesting to see the motion sensor technology being constantly pushed further, especially in the video gaming industry. Possibly in the near future, I believe one of the key selling points of a gaming console. Very interested to see how far motion sensing goes, but more so interested into what will be replacing that system (if anything.)

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    Assignator98 Guest
    omg rofl the ps3 one they had was way better the ps3 motion sensor controller:

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    shummyr Guest
    yea another wii remote with a different paint job and different console

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    But will it blend?!

    You can always say this is better than that. The PS3 motion controller is better than this, Natal is better than that. What many people miss however, is the innovation behind newer things. Like most new things, they need time before they become honed and shined to perfection.

    Motion sensing isn't new, but in my eyes this concept is very innovative, as it brings motion controlling out of the typical controller and into a whole new field. Everyone has their own preferences, I'm just happy that different ideas are being created, and that leads to competition, and that leads to us the consumers being victorious!

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    kuzztom Guest
    Very cool controllers, already I want them!

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    Assignator98 Guest
    ya it looks cool, when is it gonna be released?

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    Spikey123 Guest
    Ever since the Nintendo Wii got the the idea about controllers that are montion sensor all the rest of the companies are trying to jump on the band wagon for this. I personally think the Wii is the best concept and usage of it of all.

    A addon on to my last post: Also for the headset I have no clue I don't have a XBox 360 system the only xbox I have is the old one were they have the custom Intel PIII.

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