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    Video: Celebrating Ten Years of PlayStation 2

    Today President & CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America Jack Tretton has shared a video as part of celebrating ten years of the Playstation 2 with a look back.

    To quote: It has been a busy few months here at PlayStation headquarters. We've just recently celebrated 15 incredible years as a leading innovator in the consumer entertainment space, launched a groundbreaking new product called the PlayStation Move, and we're closing in on a truly remarkable year for PS3.

    While we can probably spend a whole blog post talking about all unbelievable excitement and momentum around PS3, I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge a tremendous milestone today - PS2 hits its 10th anniversary.

    There is no better testament of our longevity as a brand and our true leadership in bringing forward technology to the masses, than what we've accomplished with the PS2. The PS2 continues to be a defining moment in our legacy and we're so thankful to you, our most passionate and loyal fans who've been with us since its inception.

    When the platform launched back in October 2000, the industry was forever changed by the introduction of a device that came built in with a DVD/CD player and offered Internet connectivity and online gameplay for the very first time.

    The PS2 went on to introduce brand new entertainment formats, such as motion technology with the EyeToy and has broken several industry milestones, such as being the first game console to hit 50 million units in North America.

    PS2 is also solely responsible for bringing to market some of today's most well known and beloved franchises such as Ratchet and Clank, Killzone, God of War, SOCOM, and Jak and Daxter.

    It's hard to believe that it was only ten years ago that we launched this revolutionary device in North America, and that there are more than 140 million of them around the world today.

    The best part of this celebration is that PS2 is still one of the most played consoles out there with continued support from the development community, and remains an incredible value for first time gamers and families at $99. Today's PS2 milestone serves as a great reminder of how far we've come as a company and as an industry.

    To celebrate, we've put together a collection of commentary on how incredible this journey has been and how much we are looking forward to bringing many more groundbreaking ways to amaze and delight you.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    fulgore84 Guest
    it's only been 10 years? i remember getting my Nintendo Nes like it was yesterday lol.

    Consoles have sure changed a lot during the years, but im glad to see Playstation still going strong after all this years.

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    shummyr Guest
    I can't believe I have already had my ps2 for 10 years

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    Drugdealer Guest
    I love ps2 I need to go look on craigslist for one.

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    Starlight Guest

    Big Grin

    The ps2 has been quite a console and still is and ten nice years with it already is awesome.. keep on going ps2 for as long as possible.

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    gamewarden56 Guest
    i'm glad to see the ps2 having such a good run. i think it proved the qualities of how well it is to work with and being able to emulate pretty much all the older systems before the ps2. as well as having a test ps1 emulator on the ps2. now that's special console dev their. anywayz cheers

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