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    Video: Apple iPad Disassembly - Teardown in Action!

    Just over a week ago we reported on an SNES Emulator running Mario Kart on non-jailbroken iPad, and today TechRestore has shared a video of the Apple iPad disassembly done in under three minutes via YouTube.

    To quote: "Look inside Apple's big-selling contraption - and think about what that extra space inside could be filled with in that there future Mac OS X-powered iPad model some once predicted the company would release later this year, or was that a lot of air?

    See inside the Apple iPad, from box to compete take-apart and back, in under 3 minutes - all done in our famous stop-motion style!"

    Those interested can check out the video below!

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    daveribz Guest
    Wow, there's like nothing in there! Looks empty when he opens it up.

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    Where's the super absorbancy?! Aside from the actual tear down, I really enjoyed the actual video itself. That is a nice show of stop-motion skill, and the ending has a cool speedy twist to typical stop motion video. Very nicely done IMO, as it takes a load of patience to do stop motion videos (I have done them before, takes forever!)

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