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    Starlight Guest

    Video: Alternative F.E.A.R. 2 End Credit Sequence Released

    A previously unpublished video originally intended to play alongside the end credits has been released by Monolith.

    In his blog, Monolith developer Daryl Affleck has shown off a video of the end credit sequence featuring Snake Fist.

    The video was put together while the game was going through testing and primarily features Armacham Technology Corporation research scientist Terry 'Snake Fist' Halford. Affleck explains that the sequence was dropped because:

    ... this comical approach would have soured the serious tone of the surprise ending of FEAR 2.

    Snake Fist is a key character in the game who guides Beckett through the Armacham complex and provides him with the Type-12 Energy Weapon Prototype and information on how to destroy Alma.

    The video has now seen the light of day as 'a worthwhile tribute to the brains behind Armacham.'

    If you like the Snake Fist song, you can download it here.

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    gaferion Guest
    The FEAR serious is one of my more favorite FPS series. While I agree that the tone of the game is a more serious one, I think it would have been good to include this sometime during the credits of the game. The reason being a good story teller knows when to throw some comic relief into the mix to lighten the mood.

    I'm not sure why comic relief was a technique not really used in this game, but I thought the video above was great and if it wasn't for me visiting this site would never have seen it.

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