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    Starlight Guest

    Valve Releases Counter-Strike Team Fortress 2 Update for PC

    Valve has released an update today for their classic FPS Counter-Strike Team Fortress 2, now available on Steam.

    The changes include some additional commands for the game and Half-Life Engine as well as Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. The update can be applied by restarting the Steam client.

    The full update notes:

    Half-Life Engine

    - Added -sys_ticrate command line option to allowed forced override of ticrate
    - Prevent more cases of server redirection

    Counter-Strike/Condition Zero

    - Added -nobots option to allow forced override of bots on servers

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    BigBlarg Guest
    Counter-Strike Team Fortress 2 ? Does it exist?

    I thought it was an update for CS Classic and TF2... but there was no update for TF2 on July 15 (it was on the 14), and they don't share the same engine.

    Since this update have nothing to do with Team Fortress 2, this should be corrected, the title is totally wrong.

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    Apr 2005
    It's likely the same update as was on the 14th, depending on what timezone it was posted in and so on. Sadly we can't change the title, as it will cause issues due to the way the Portal/Forum bridge is set up.

    Thanks for the clarification though, and remember you can always submit Counter-Strike or Team Fortress 2 updates in the future if you happen to follow them closely.

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