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    Starlight Guest

    Valve Announces Premium DLC for PC Gamers on Steam

    Valve announced today that their digital gaming service Steam will now support in-game downloadable content for its library of games. Yes, PC gamers, now you too can be charged for another hour or two of gameplay.

    The first game utilizing this new Steam feature is Twisted Pixel's The Maw. The game now has two levels entitled "Brute Force" and "River Redirect" available for $1.25 apiece.

    Hey, at least you don't need to buy Microsoft Points first, eh? The announcement by Valve also mentions that this DLC can be added to any game available through Steam, regardless of whether you purchased it on Steam, at a retailer, or through another digital store.

    This news is bound to surprise a few people, as Valve's known for releasing huge amounts of free post-release content for its game.

    There's no indication whatsoever that they'll stop doing this for their own games, though. The fact of the matter is, a lot of other companies are cool with the idea of premium DLC and this move by Valve allows them to do it more easily on the PC.

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    Delacroixx Guest


    this is good and bad.

    Good because it will encourage devs to expand there games, and will make great games last even longer. And that's always a good thing.

    Bad because too many devs will start doing it, and most people (including myself) aren't going to pay an extra couple bucks and feel ripped off.

    We'll see..

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    Hayabusa85 Guest
    And console trends continue to wreck good things PC gaming has going for it Hopefully Valve will at least keep their content free and not decide they want $5 for class updates in TF2 or something

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