From Zitat: The ID is USLO and if you have your nunchuk plugged into the Wii Remote when you start it, it may code dump or just give you a black screen.

and this boot.dol is compatible with the preloader if you install it, and change your settings to autoboot to file and return to preloader using IOS60


I didn't make the graphics or the forwarder, but I combined the two and change the skinny banner. It will open up the boot.dol that is located in your SD:\apps\USBLOADER folder (must be called USBLOADER)

I've noticed some of you asking about a channel for the USB Loader GUI, and this one works great, just rename your folder to USBLOADER and put your boot.dol in there, that way the channel never needs updating as you just updated with a new boot.dol. The Banner has an image of a Blue Wii Disc and a white WD My Passport essential HDD in it. Just install through wad manager and you now have a USB Loader GUI channel.

EDIT: Tried to consolidate my posts a bit with some helpful info.