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    Ratmantoo Guest

    USB Extreme help please

    I have a Slim PS2 Model info as follows:

    Console SCPH75004
    Browser 1.40
    CD Driver 2.00
    PS Driver 2.00
    DVD Player 3.11E

    After trying a couple of ways to run PS2 games from an external usb hard drive with no joy I am humbly asking for your help.

    Currently I am trying USB Extreme with a seagate Barracuda 320 Gb extrenal drive. I have used the tools to format the drive and copy a couple of games onto it. It boots and detects my drive and displays the list of games installled... YAY BUT when i select any game it just says "LOADING please wait" or something along those lines.

    I have read up on game compatability issues but cannnot find any for the games I have, namely FF X2, COD 3, Tekken 5... GT4 has a compatability issue and a patch (Gonna have to do a bit more posting to Dl it)

    Any ideas / clues / tips ?

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    dvdfreak41 Guest
    I have had success with CD and DVD games less than 4gb or single layer in size but the problem comes in with dual layer or 8gb games. You have to rip with DVDDecrypter to an ISO then use Apache 3 to extract both layers to PC HDD. The drag and drop the files and folders into CDDVD Generator.

    make sure when you create new project you selected single layer master DVD and you have added the iml patch to the program or it wont create the iml do to size restriction after all there is no such thing as an 8gb single layer disc. Under volume tab enter the slus number in disk name and export iml file to folder where you extracted to.

    Open IML2DVD and create an ISO which you can mount to a virtual drive, then use USBExtreme to copy to your USB drive. It is a lengthy process and no guarantees you will get it to work. Personally I just burn to good Verbatim DL discs using Imgburn which is the only program I know of that will burn both layers of a DL image.

    But keep a good supply of disks as most PS2's are picky about disk quality and quality of the burn even with a Modchip when it comes to DL games. I have a DMS4 Pro and sometime I run into problems with cheap media on DL disks.

    I have been trying to get Rock Band 2 to work all week with no luck. So good luck in your quest.

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    ps3c Guest
    Ratmantoo is talking about usb hdd. usb extreme isn't compatible with the latest pes and winning series an also many games, so it is useless for me. is there any way to patch games for usb extreme? if so i would like to know.

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    booooooooooooot Guest

    Another Newbie Wrestling USB Extreme

    I recently purchased the USB Extreme disks for PS2 from an online retailer thinking I wouldn't have to fiddle with mods and patches to save my original disks from ruin. BOY WAS I WRONG! I have a PS2 slim that is not compatible with HDLoader, so I must use my PC to load the HD.

    Smaller, earlier games work without an issue using normal USB Extreme, however my personal Gems (Rockband 1, Rockband 2, AC/DC Track Pack) end with the black screen of death and HD led turning from red (reading) to green (idle) in the middle of the load. Since ISO reconstruction is all new to me, I have made several attempts, but do not know If I am doing things correctly.

    So I too am humbly seeking knowledge in the "flattening" DVD9 realm. I registered here because I did see this site had a tutorial. I have aquired most of the common tools listed in most web tutorials (except Apache 3, I have version 2). I think once I get a few of these rebuilds under my belt, I will be ok, but for now, I am a deer in headlights.

    I am also quite upset at the company that sold me it stating "95%" of the games are compatible (only 20% of mine are).

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    dunte Guest
    O.K I have a 4 gig usb sandisk cruizer All usb compatible games under 4 gig work very well with this drive including gran turismo after downsampling. However on my other usb drive games are detected but will not load - black screen of death, which leads me to believe you have a compatibility issue, some drive just will not work with usbadvance.

    One thing you could try is installing the games on a usb 2.0 interface make sure you verify your installation is good without errors open cfg file, If it still does not work then I would advice to get a large sandisk cruizer usb drive.

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