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View Poll Results: Upgrade to vBulletin 4 or Stay How We Are?

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  • Upgrade to vBulletin 4

    480 44.49%
  • Stay How We Are

    318 29.47%
  • No Opinion/Preference or Don't Care

    281 26.04%
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  1. #21
    Mantagtj Guest
    keep the same, too much work for you as it is at the moment, and I prefer the classes too! took me ages to get this far dont back out now!!!
    & by the way while we are on the subject thank you & the other modz for all the work they put in.

  2. #22
    OGroteKoning Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    We definitely wouldn't be able to implement the Activity/Longevity bars in vB4 oVERSoLDiER... they actually took a heck of a lot of modding (literally days we spent on them) to get them working in vB3 which is what they are meant to work in stock but due to how super-messed up their code is it was an utter nightmare.

    As for the UserGroup classes, if you like those then YES we could keep those if enough people feel the same way.

    +Rep to you and Night Hawk.
    Hey dude ... now this changes how I see the whole thing! If this is the case and the new site is kept tidy like it currently is (not like the other spagetti sites) then my vote can be swung to the others side too ... decisions decisions decisions ....

  3. #23
    ramx2 Guest
    My opinion I prefer the upgrades for H/W and S/W. Since we're used to PS3NEWS as it's and it's successful by all means why would you change it.

    Keep it that way mate, but there's something bothers me the ads especially in the forum pages and threads.. I know boss you won't remove it clicks are very important to fund host and domain but can you just keep it cleaner a bit especially in the forum pages?

    That's my opinion but overall I like PS3NEWS as is

  4. #24
    SaveU Guest
    Well, being one of the "new guys" who only showed up for some magical reason on september, I have no nostalgic grip on this current setup. So Nostalgia aside, and the knowledge that I, myself would not have to do any of the actual work (I make these two observations clear, as they are definite factors to this decision that probably carry a lot more weight than I give them.) I think the change should be made.

    The new features (which of course go well beyond what you mentioned) far outweigh the cons of what we would loose.

    There could still be a REP system, and a post count. There could be grades of membership. And the rep system that I have seem in v4 is more beneficial, as it works on a system of postcount+rep+longevity for how much rep a person gives. So not all rep is equal. I higher scoring member would give more rep per gift than a low one.

    Other things that would come with it are previewing posts by hovering over a link

    A great and functional PM system, infraction system, sub forum system.

    I know I have also seen some great firefox addons for it to support user avatars without having to mess with it serverside.

    I vote for change.

    But that being said, I consider the work involved a moot point as I dont have to do any of it. So my vote is biased.

    The quote system is nice, tho

  5. #25
    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Well forums should remain as it is, bcz i can easily browse the forums using my 3gs nuff said.

  6. #26
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Thanks g0at3r and OGroteKoning and +Rep to you both. So far it's a pretty close poll, but we will leave it up probably through the weekend to give it a fair chance either way.

    Also, I too have seen some vB4 forums fail hard... not necessarily PS3 ones, but in general they didn't work out as expected due to being slow, etc. However, IF we moved the Forum layout in general and the Rep'ing system (+/- Rep) should remain close to the same so I wouldn't call those wouldn't be huge concerns.

    As OGroteKoning mentioned, the primary reason for this potential upgrade is so that users would be able to start news threads in a "Site News" Forum so others could comment on them, etc and then when a Staff member moves it to the main page it would already have a bunch of replies, updates, etc versus making people wait or use other sites for news. Anyway, let's resume the poll...

  7. #27
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I see no real reason upgrading to v4, ACtivity and longivity are great stats, "classes" are good also and they will always be (if you could eliminate them, users would still look at each others post count and so on, we have a capitalistic society here ).
    Inserting more then 3 pictures seems like not a real advantage, there's a seldom neccesity to add 3+ images to the post. Moreover, too many images will flood the post, home page etc etc.

    The only thing which is good in v4 (as far as I can see) is "Allow users to make their own posts with PS3 releases, files, videos and news that we can easily move to the main page... and until they are frontpaged, people can see the upcoming news and comment on it in the Forum like a normal thread. Currently pending news can't be commented on as it is not accessible, plus it takes hours at times for news to be posted live in the queue so this would mean no waiting around."

    But it alone should be no reason for upgrade. Couldn't it be impemented in the forums at this state?

  8. #28
    morrisz Guest
    I have to agree to the people here saying this forum is easier to navigate and use. Although i do like the functions of vBulletin 4, i rather stay with this one right now.

  9. #29
    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Also site news a great feature which many other forums doesnt have.

  10. #30
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by ramx2 View Post
    Keep it that way mate, but there's something bothers me the ads especially in the forum pages and threads.. I know boss you won't remove it
    +Rep to ramx2, Pcsx2006 and SaveU.

    Regarding the ads in Forum threads- Yes, we could move them to between posts versus inside posts as they currently are for the lower UserGroups if that would be "cleaner" looking, but as you said it's not possible to remove them completely unless we set up a donation bar like some sites have and everyone paid the expenses by chipping in versus through ads.

    I never think of them myself since the upper UserGroups don't see those ads, but if the lower UserGroups prefer them between posts that is a fairly simple change whether we upgrade vBulletin or not.

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