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  1. #31
    jcmarino123 Guest
    Can anyone please update the download links for the UUDv2 and LCUDas the links are broken? Thanks!

  2. #32
    labonte Guest
    Well i found UUDv2 that's one out of two so far i will keep looking for lcud.
    If anyone has it please post it.

  3. #33
    Prof2 Guest
    Has anyone tried using this universal unbrick disc on a Wii with a (possibly) missing IOS 60, and has it worked?

    I thought I knew what I was doing (so please don't give me to hard a time). I'd installed the patched IOS60 so that my SD card launcher would work again, but it seemed that I screwed up the internet connection in doing so. So, like a fool, I used WAD manager to delete it. My Wii then got hung up on the HBC page, wouldn't go back to the system menu. So I figured, what the hey, a hard reboot will fix it.

    Well, it fixed it all right - black screen, no video....and unfortunately I used the wrong type of SD card for bootmii and though I was told it installed ("Ok"), it only wrote half the files needed to my card. Borrowed a friend's file, but no luck, unless I'm STILL using the wrong SD card (this time I used a Kingston MicroSD at 2gb - according to the Wiki, these should work).

    So, I've got a wii that turns on, disc drive lights up when I put disc in, but never goes to the health warning menu and won't sync up with the wiimotes.

    One thing I do know is that when WAD Manager initally starts up (v.1.4) I just used the default which is 249. That was also used for my USB loader, so I feel pretty sure 249 must be installed somewhere. I'm hoping Mr. Prophet's disc will get me out of this mess.

    Also, in using the GC Controller, how precise does our timing have to be? We tried it on a different unbrick disc, but never knew if we (wife & I) were doing it correctly.

    Thanks y'all, for your hard work, no matter the outcome!

  4. #34
    marth01 Guest
    Hey, I just got a banner brick because I stupidly installed a .wad I made when I thought I had bootmii installed. I have a 4.0u Wii and I believe to have all of the proper cIOS's.

    The one problem I am facing is getting the Universal Unbrick Disk v2 on a dvd (btw, does is matter if the dvd is - or +?). I can't seem to burn it on there! Is the iso supposed to be 4.7gb? Do I need a bigger dvd?

    Also, any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. For Example, should I use the Last Chance Unbrick Disk if all else fails and what exactly does it do?

    Thanks for all of the hard work!

  5. #35
    mr2000jp Guest
    i found that the dvd-r are better working for wii than +

  6. #36
    Kikoshi Guest
    Awesome man! This will save me from my bricked wii, it was just collecting dust.


  7. #37
    sonicflash12 Guest
    Can you post the Last chance unbrick disc link again or something cause the link is finished for downloads.

  8. #38
    Carlos Sakura Guest
    its pal or ntsc-u, the UUDv2?

  9. #39
    skankinjerk Guest

    Question UUD question

    Hello everyone, I just got a banner brick because I stupidly installed a .wad file. I have a 3.2U Wii and I have all of the proper cIOS's.... (softmodded, no chip)

    will this UUD work for me? can someone please help me?!

  10. #40
    DHX Guest
    My Wii: Bricked
    Firmware: 3.2U
    Mod Chip: InFeCtuS Argon w/ Firmware 1.6

    I bricked my wii two days ago. First I downgraded from 4.0 to 3.2 for .wad's in homebrew. everything worked great!!

    Then I put in Punch out and apparently it installed a PAL update -_- even though it was supposed to be NTCS.... I normally check all .iso files before burning but I didn't -_- Now my wii boots to a black screen. Wii motes don't sync up, no error message, no firmware version displayed in the corner.

    I put in the UUDv2 dvd but nothing happened :/ I don't have an origonal GC controller, just the wireless wavebird.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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