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    aznphoboi Guest
    I am using dance pad to boot zelda (burnt game) and it does boot to savemii.. I do get the 4.0U at the bottom corner. If you need to know what dance pad it is then let me know... but it works perfectly... again I managed to load zelda with it.

    P.S: Just though I would post it.

    Hey xlordt, will this fix my banner bricked wii? I've tried everything but nothing has worked so far.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Yea for sure a dance pad will magicaly Unbrick your Wii! (Oh Boy)

    Its just a other way to boot into RM no more.If you have issues with your GC pad than you could use the dance pad to boot into. -Thats It-

    at spectre100 i will answer a little bit later


    At aznphoboi
    The uudv2 is in the first post

    At spectre100
    Sure you can replace the main.dol with every other boot.dol and boot it this way but wad manager also to do a wiimote sync.Means if you dont can sync with WAD Manager you also will not can sync with any other app.This is a problem in your Wii system fileīs not from the app it self.There for you should install a new FW to gain back your wiimote sync.

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    mikey72 Guest
    Hey cfwprophet and other ps3news users.

    Bricked my wii a few weeks ago, updated europe 3.2 system menu to 4.0. Which made preloader stop working and before I could install IOS 60 and reinistall preloader I stupidly installed a theme made for 3.2 system menu with mymenufy.

    I have a drivekey mod chip set to autoboot and have a gamecube controller to access recover mode which will boot original discs. I have tried most of the unbrick disks with no luck. Is the lcud or the updated uud going work in my situation? Or a new retail game with the 4.1 update on it? I refuse to give up hope.

    Thanks+good luck to all those ppl out there with bricked wiis!

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    sirstonie Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post

    At sirstonie do you have the cIOSv14 installed?
    Yeah I have woth the latest revision of it too. Wii still dead. Im close to giving up all hope

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    spectre100 Guest


    Did a little looking around, i can get a Bluetooth Chip to replace on ebay for less than 13 bux, free shipping, i'm gonna give that a try. if i should be able to sync even in wad manager, then intelligent troubleshooting says the next step is to check the easiest thing to rule out. that would be the bluetooth chip, unless you know some way i should be able to load a firmware from this point...

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    cfwprophet Guest
    First a have tested my UUDv3 by my self and it works GREAT!

    Can boot into WAD Manager and boot BootMii IOS with it from RM.

    You guys dont forget two importend things must be installed/patched that my or any other of the Unbrick discs can work:

    1) You need removed Diagnostic Disc Check*

    2) You will need a Trucha able IOS*

    The Diag Disc Check:
    Is implented from Nintendo into the RM to hunt down Backup or Moddifyed Discīs.
    How it works?
    Well..factory discīs are pressed not like our self BURNED discīs.There for without removed diag you need a "GOOD-DriveChip" to be able to Autoboot discs.Even if my discs are set to autoboot, older or low budged chips dont know what to do with the value "0" on the first place of ISO name in the image it self.

    The Trucha able IOS:
    Sure you can still boot backups true the RM but if you alter the IMG than you need to resign with common-key.Resigned Discīs only work with the Trucha Bug.A IOS must be loaded to play/handle the game.Even with a modchip!!Sadly since FW 4.0/4.1 all trucha able IOSīs are gone.If you dont have patch them or have at least one cIOS installed to be call as disc driver than you cant boot a Modd disc.

    And the bad thing on this so called "Drive Chips" are that they now can boot games from SD.Better sayed it is a "Drive Chip" to boot only from SD.But it cant execute a HB .elf/.dol?

    I rember back onto the old good PS2 äera.Where real "Modchipīs" can execute HB .elfīs.But enought with talking here are two vids of UUDv3 booting via RM and used to boot into BootMii

    FW is 4.1, Startpatch installed,Removed Diagnostic Disc Check,cIOS60 along with cIOS-COREv3.4 WITHOUT cIOS36 (becouse hbc use this IOS on this Wii, and if you delate this IOS than the new HBC from hackmii installer v0.4 will stand up on his Head )

    Here a very good troubleshooting about Wii Bricks from the SaveMii site itself:

    Main Diagnostic

    Branch A: “Banner Brick”

    Branch B: “Semi Brick”

    Branch C: “Full Brick”

    Branch D

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    wiispezial09 Guest
    hey i understand nothing
    can you me please say how disc can i use when i have a modchip and autoboot is on ? to load the wad manager ?

    reallly thx my english is sooo bad

    thx for all and all

  8. #108
    cfwprophet Guest
    Sry but you will need the HARD version of my rescue discs to be use with a modchip.And they will be available the next days.
    -Stay Tuned-

  9. #109
    wiispezial09 Guest
    nice when come a rescue disc for modchip users.... without hbc and all hacks...

    how can i use the wii back up disc v.31 on fw 4.1e orig ? on 3.3 she works on 4.1 not =( how can i make to use the wii backup disc on the original fw 4.1 ?

    and thx your work is great for all

  10. #110
    sirstonie Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    Sry but you will need the HARD version of my rescue discs to be use with a modchip.And they will be available the next days.
    -Stay Tuned-
    First of all great work as always.

    Will I need the hard version if I have a soft modded wii but need a modchip to boot?

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