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    Apr 2005

    Uncrackable Lock found, the end for future hackers?

    Reports are circulating that a quantum cryptographic chip that uses light particles to encrypt data during electronic transfer could throw off hackers once and for all.

    To quote: Imagine an encrypted data chip so secure that even the greatest hackers in history would find impossible to crack. That chip is very much a reality thanks to the combined efforts of Siemens, Austrian Research Centers (ARC) and Graz University of Technology who have teamed up to create the first quantum cryptology chip for commercial use to ensure securer electronic communication.

    The lock protects data using a random sequence of numbers from light particles. At the moment, data is protected using a key distribution system based on mathematical algorithms. But, with enough time and effort, those algorithms can be cracked. The quantum cryptographic light lock, on the other hand, takes advantage of the laws of nature by using photons--individual light particles--to create completely random codes through an optical array.

    When these codes are transferred to the receiving end through fiber-optic cables, it waits till it is verified through communication partners before creating a fail-safe key. The chip has also been designed in such a way that it can detect anyone trying to tap into the information while its generating a key and if it does register someone, the photons are changed or destroyed and the entire process is repeated until its sure nobody is listening.

    It sounds almost like magic, but the developers expect the technology to be in serious use two years from now.

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    kill my reputation but here it goes. This is great, piracy is a cancer, developers need the money to keep making more games, consoles and whatnot. Competition is what really interests us as developers HAVE TO make good games or platforms in order to get our hard earned money.

    Games are not that expensive and support is top-notch when you pay for your software or games, when i was a teenager I used to pirate a lot of stuff but that was because I didnt have the money to buy the software I was using or games. Now that Im in my productive age and earn money games and software seems cheap, at least games and software that I really want, I have to do my own research to make a good buy but it pays off when you play an awesome game or pay for a great APP.

    Competition is the real deal and if developers make enough money games and platforms actually lower their price in an effort to compete so anyway if this is ever implemented is not the end of the world. Homebrew you say? well homebrew pretty much can be ran off a computer, I wished we had xbmc in the ps3 or 360 but I have it running on my computer thats hooked up to my TV so I really dont need that, 30 - 60 bucks each time a really good game comes out is not that bad. Some would say that is as much as 600 dlls in games in a year, but if this is your hobby and entertains you it really is cheap.

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    slammy Guest
    I just think they make enough money as is. The non-PC earnings for 2007 was $18 billion.
    Category / Total / Change
    Video Games: $17.94 billion +43%
    Video Games Hardware: $7.04 billion +54%
    Console Hardware: $5.12 billion +73%
    Portable Game Hardware: $1.92 billion +19%
    Video Games Software: $8.64 billion +34%
    Console Software: $6.64 billion +39%
    Portable Game Software: $2.00 billion +18%
    Video Game Accessories: $2.26 billion +52%

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    Thing Guest
    While interesting this is not some cure-all for console hackability. It's a way of sending data safely over fiber, not something applicable to consumer hardware. It depends on the attacker not having access to any of the end points.

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    Neo0rabie Guest
    Just like any new technology.. just give it time and it will be cracked...

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