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    moja Guest

    Uncharted 3 Impressions - SPOILERS!

    So, I finished UC3 the other day, and a few things bothered me.
    • Story advances near the end
    • Ending itself
    • Final enemy
    • Bullet sponges
    • Lack of cheats

    Near the end, things seem to get tied together rather quickly, like Salim popping up out of nowhere to lift you on his horse, Marlowe exiting the story easily and abruptly, Drake foiling the entire built-up plan by shooting a pillar (not to mention taking the entire city out), and the insertion of teleporting, super-tough flameheads. Then you have Chloe barely making a cameo, Elena conveniently helping the plot, and just feeling blaise and empty after completing the game. I just felt like some of this game near the end was rushed and convenient.

    Talbot's boss fight. Honestly, I kind of expected some kind of tag team battle between Marlowe and Talbot requiring several mechanics to win, but instead we get something out of Metal Gear Solid 4. All the buildup to that point really made me scratch my head, even though it DID feel good to punish him with my fists. BTW, reducing the input time for QTE to increase the drama of victory only felt cheap. I also don't think the set piece should've been in the middle of a time-sensitive disaster.

    The ending felt cheap and empty. As much as I was into everything only to be quickly shuffled off set sucked.

    Some of the enemies took tons of rounds (and I'm not talking about the armored ones). I placed headshots that were shrugged off several times, while out of nowhere (or from a great distance) I was taken down. Grenades have to perfectly placed and just seem to best be spammed and hope for a kill.

    Perhaps the most disappointing thing to me, was after all the time I spent collecting treasures in the hopes of having enough points to unlock some supercool cheats, I found that I wasted a colossal amount of time. Really ND, no cheats this time? This feature alone made it x times more fun replaying the game, and kept me interested in exploring every detail in the world. I don't care about a trophy, I care about a fat Drake, Salim, Talbot, Victor, Elena, or visual modes to laugh out loud when I drop myself a rocket launcher in game to blow up everything around me. That sucks.

    Now that you probably hate me, I will say that I DID enjoy this game, despite criticizing certain points that probably don't matter to others. I laughed, I cringed, I immersed, and I cared, but I still walked away shaking my head a little. As ridiculously as the previous games could be an analyzed, I guess I hyped myself up too much to expect the final installment to be just perfect. It was just a simple 'stop the bad guys' thing, with no sense of saving anyone but myself, no real prize. Any thoughts?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Good review man , I'm still up to Chapter 12. I'm actually quiet disappointed on how similar it is to the other 2 Uncharted games. I was hoping for more stuff to unlock and something to keep you interested. They focused too much on the multiplayer aspect when Uncharted is famous for being a great single player game. But I liked the new puzzles, it made you feel that sense of achievement every time you completed one to continue the game.

    The gun firing was boring though, it was very repetitive and it took like 500 pounds of led to kill a guy. It would have been more fun if you could use different weapons too.

    Anyways if you've never played an Uncharted game start with the first one and work your way up to the third, the games are very similar and you won't feel any differences in the gameplay.

    I give it a 8.8/10, what do you give it moja?

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    moja Guest
    I'd still give it an 8.5 out of 10. Great game, very detailed and immersive, but for fans of the previous games there just wasn't enough overall. I do like the new puzzles and I feel they added a couple elements to keep things fresh, but nothing was overly difficult. I never played multiplayer, so I was hoping they focused more on the campaign that made them famous.

    From what I've read the multiplayer component has been upgraded and considered more for longevity, so maybe it works, who knows. I just like the campaign.

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    HEMAN Guest
    For me no bonuses was a big off i mean it just makes you replay over and over again till you complete 100% of the game {trophies treasures} and even after that just for fun. In my opinion the dev didn't get time to put that in the game coz in one of the videos in bonuses they keep saying they were working on game till last moment.

    So maybe a update will bring back those cool things. lets hope so.

    8.5/10 is what give uncharted 3 and yes i am fan of the series and played uncharted 1 and 2 like a million times.

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