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    uLoader v3.5 and BCA Editor for Nintendo Wii Released

    Over the weekend Spanish developer Hermes has released uLoader v3.5 alongside a BCA Editor update by riauriau for the Nintendo Wii console.

    Download: uLoader v3.5 / BCA Editor

    For those unaware, BCA is the new protection utilized in new Nintendo Wii games and with the editor you can have the BCA codes to use with the loader which can patch on the fly (uLoader, GX and configurable etc.)

    Changelog, roughly translated:

    - New IOS 38 base. dev/mload with powerfull features and EHCI driver
    based in interruptions and more stable
    - Support for DVD USB Devices: It can run only DVD backups from .iso (original don't work because DVD drivers don't support the Wii format). Remember you must insert a DVD to work at start the program.
    - Support for BCA datas. You can add it from .ISO offset 0x100 (64 bytes). If this area is filled with zeroes it use one BCA by default (NSMB compatible).
    - New ioctl 0xda function supported in dip_plugin and new option added for
    - DVD mode to read the BCA Datas from the original DVD
    - Support to load games from DVD with alternative DOL (press '2' without
    - USB device or press the DVD icon from the upper-right corner in the selection game screen)
    - Support for SD and USB FAT/FAT32: Now you can use cheats codes and loads alternative .dol from the USB 2.0 device (FAT partition is required)
    - Added alternative dol loader (now support for 5+ dols) for games as Red Steel and othrers (see readme.txt) , New error 002 patch and videomode autodetection patch (for PAL2NTSC, NTSC2PAL and NTSC2PAL60 (use F. PAL60 for this))
    - Added direct access for Dol Alternative selection
    - You can load differents ehcmodule.elf from sd:/apps/uloader/
    - Parental control added: by default the password is 00000 (the last 0 is the 'ENTER', so you can program as new password as XXXX0 ). You can change it from special menu pressing HOME. You can exits from the password box pressing B. Parental control list the last 8 games launched with date/time, enables the password box and fix a new password. Now 00000 disables the Parental Control
    - Support for covers (less than 200KB 160x224). You can download from internet or adquire covers from the curren tfolder in the SD automatically
    - Added one option to delete PNG icons/covers
    - Some bugs fixed (bug with no modchip game instal, for examplel)
    - Support for multiples WBFS partitions (max 4).
    - Possiblity to use the alternative cIOS 223 (only to launch games)
    - Added one option to rename games
    - Added one option to record the cheats selected from txt files
    - New usb code and more!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    hmmcclish Guest


    Does it play backed up GameCube games as well as Wii ones?

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    moely2 Guest
    I have created my own BCA editor / patcher, suitable for modchips like Wasabi which require BCA code offset at $100 and modchips like Flatmod which read the code appended to the ISO file.

    Find out yourself !! http://www.my-place-to-be.com/Downlo...CA_Patcher.rar

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